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    Adrian98765 reacted to RAM555789 in GPU UPGRADE   
    Double the VRAM amount and a significantly faster card? I think that getting the R9 380 is a no brainer in your case. (power shouldn't be an issue)
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    Adrian98765 got a reaction from Slayerking92 in Is there a way to fix this?   
    I think this moved pin is the reason my GPU is seen as PCI-E x1 instead of x16, how do I fix this?

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    Adrian98765 reacted to Tan3l6 in WinRAR Compressions - Good or Bad?   
    Good is faster to compress and decompress.
    Best takes more tima and also les space.
    Though in modern times (zip or rar) compression has got too much point imo.
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    Adrian98765 reacted to NewMaxx in WinRAR Compressions - Good or Bad?   
    It's lossless compression.
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    Adrian98765 reacted to WereCatf in WinRAR Compressions - Good or Bad?   
    WinRAR doesn't change the files' contents. What you're talking about is an entirely different thing, so yes, using WinRAR is perfectly fine.
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    Adrian98765 reacted to YaroslavZvyagin in GPU heat affecting the PCI-E slot??   
    hey, at 93C it may throttle itself down to avoid overheating (to check if it throttles or no you can open up some monitoring tool like msi afterburner which will report core clock on the live graph, not in numbers which you can modify, as well as if it's simply always 93& very occasionally goes to 94 & then back to 93 then it's definitely throttling) , and i would say constant 93C is bad, you reduce your gaming performance by a lot and spawn not wanted stutters from time to time, you have a couple of options to reduce that temperature down (also your pcie slot should be fine)
    1. open up your case, extra airflow will help reduce the heat
    2. add a couple of case fans as exhaust to remove the hot air from the case
    3. replacing thermal paste
    4. add some small fan right next to the gpu's side which have no fan, so that small fan will blow air on it and cool it down
    5. open up your case & use pcie extension cable so that your gpu will be more close to cold air rather than being all the way down in the case where is little airflow
    6. setup fan speed at 100% always but it most likely will not help alone
    7. underclock & undervolt gpu a bit so that it will never reach throttling point and will provide you with better gaming experience, stable one, without any possible stutters
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    Adrian98765 got a reaction from BarackOBatman in Solved   
    It's not inaccurate reading ? The GPU is so hot it might catch fire.  The air blown from the cooler is also hot
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    Adrian98765 reacted to LukeSavenije in What is this chip on the motherboard?   
    a south bridge
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    Adrian98765 reacted to LukeSavenije in What is this chip on the motherboard?   
    p45 here as an example, the lowest chip in the middle is a southbridge
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    Adrian98765 reacted to Jurrunio in What is this chip on the motherboard?   
    southbridge is basically a connectivity hub, carrying SATA ports, extra PCIe slots (connection x4 or below) and other stuff not in the rear I/O section. Northbridge runs everything in the rear I/O. Today CPUs integrates northbridge's function, while southbridge is renamed to chipset
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    Adrian98765 reacted to goto10 in What is this chip on the motherboard?   
    that is the southbridge, these moterboards are from the time there was northbridge and southbridge chps
    each one handles different things, like sata, pci express comunication, agp comunication, ram comunication, lots of stuff that come more recent cpus handle directly, so southbridge and chipset have changed purpose and location
    some manufacturers decided that temperature was a concern and put a heatsink over them, others decided that a part working at 40°c is nothing and left them without a heatsink
    usually those are the chipset, in a modern pc it is for example the x570 chipset, to give it a name, it handles most stuff on the motherboard basically, what the cpu doesn't handle now, since it does alot, now is used a heatsink and a fan over it, because it consumes more power and generates more heat
    back in the lga 775 era, cases usually had very poor airflow, so a chipset without a heatsink usually always worked hot when moving files between hard disks, so some manufacturers decided to put the heatsink, to avoid getting complains about slow performance and high temperatures, others well, left them be without heatsink
    each manufacturer does things different, sometimes depends on what intel used to promise in terms of power consumption and temperature
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    Adrian98765 reacted to OrionFOTL in What does this mean? o_O   
    12V output isn't only used for 6/8pin PCIe cables, but also for the CPU power cable, SATA cables, Peripheral/Molex cables, and the main ATX 24pin cable. 12V is used everywhere, really.
    The sticker on your PSU means that one group of 12V cables is limited to 168W, and the second group of 12V cables is limited to 168W too. If the power going through one group is over 168W, the PSU is supposed to shut down.
    You don't know exactly which cables are on which group. For example, group 1 may have the ATX24pin cable, SATA and Molex cables on it, while the 2nd group may have the CPU power cable and the 6pin PCIe cable on it.
    Manufacturers should (and sometimes do) explain which cables belong to which group in the PSU's specifications or in the manual.
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    Adrian98765 reacted to 5x5 in What does this mean? o_O   
    Easy, you're not correct ?. The rails do not directly correspond to any cable number. You can have 4 +12v rails with no 6/8pin PCIe cables and, naturally, you can have one tail with 8 cables.
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    Adrian98765 reacted to Skiiwee29 in edited   
    Really depends on the compound used to repaste with as not all are equal. On GPUs its generally advised to do a paste swap about ever 2 years or so, sometimes sooner if you notice temps getting out of wack. 
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    Adrian98765 reacted to Nicnac in What is this?   
    I used one of those as a fan hub in an old build. There's a handy adapter made by delock:

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    Adrian98765 got a reaction from R click in What even is clocking :P   
    Overclock - force things to work faster.
    GPU overclock is when you increase core clock from 775MHz to 900MHz (force GPU to work a faster 125MHz on graphics, so higher FPS) , or when you increase memory clock from 1100MHz to 1200MHz (force GPU to transfer graphics to memory at a higher speed).
    CPU overclock is when you increase CPU frequency like from 3.5GHz to 4.1GHz.
    Overclock is when you aren't pleased with the component and you want more performance out of it. But overclocking also comes with a risk if you don't know what you're doing.
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    Adrian98765 got a reaction from i_build_nanosuits in Why should I choose NVIDIA ?   
    Oh yes. I forgot about this, I just said what came to my mind
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    Adrian98765 got a reaction from TechyBen in This pc is weird   
    Nothing worked..
    But after 2 months...I found the fix!
    Bought an AMD gpu and installed the driver, entered Catalyst Control Center, and under "My VGA displays" tab is another tab named " Properties (VGA Display) ". Clicked there and found below "Monitor Attributes" that I can set the maximum resolution and maximum refresh rate the system should see. From here I chosen 1280 x 1024 and 75Hz as the maximum resolution