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  1. I'm some months late but I just found this neat thing in MSI Afterburner , lol! In settings, there is a "Fan" tab, and I can enable user fan control! From there I can set what fan speed to be on what temp! I set fans to 10% when the temp range is between 0 - 40*C, now I'm not worrying about fans turning on and off a lot, they are always running at low speed. Lol didn't knew about this feature!
  2. So I got a GTX 960 from Gigabyte G1 Gaming, This card's fans do not spin until the temperature hits 50*C, and I think this is worse than having the fans on all the time. Let's say I play a game for a hour, then I go on youtube, then play a game for a hour, then go on the internet, then play a game again, and then going on facebook - I think the fans constantly switching on and off can hurt their longevity more than having them run all the time. I think one day the on/off mechanism will break and one of the fans will just not start.
  3. EDIT: I wrote a post about a cheap GPU upgrade for a certain game, but I forgot no one on this forum cares about old GPUs, everyone is interested in the expensive RTX 3000/2000 series reported and waiting for post deletion
  4. Those are my max temperatures after one hour of gaming with 99% usage. Temp 2 readings are high, what does temp 2 mean exactly? MSI Afterburner takes temp 1 as the GPU temperature. On desktop they all are under 40.
  5. All the time, games also run a lot slower than they used to because of the x1 speed, this happened after I tried to put it into the secondary PC, it did not fit and I forced it in, I struggled for about 5 minutes trying to get it into the slot and might accidentally broke that pin above PCI-E lanes
  6. I think this moved pin is the reason my GPU is seen as PCI-E x1 instead of x16, how do I fix this?
  7. I'm trying to copy old games to a 16GB USB drive. To save USB space, I compress them with WinRar, but change the compression from "Normal" to "Best". This saves quite a lot of space (like Colin McRae Rally from ~500MB to ~250MB). I don't know if it is ok to compress game files like this I think I read somewhere about having worse audio when games' audio files are compressed, but I'm not sure
  8. Yes I know it doesn't receive updates anymore, but that doesn't affect me. I wasn't installing updates anyway. They always seemed to slow down my PC. I'm not on Windows 10 because I mostly play old games, and those run fine on 7. It uses less RAM too.
  9. I wanted to delete all the files in "Temp" folder and I get this error in one file. Is someone else using MY PC? or what? Antivirus software doesn't detect anything.
  10. I understand your concern and tips, but 93*C for a 470 is fine. I've been reading about 470 and 480. They are meant to run hot, and their throttling temperature is 105*C. A review of the 470 from 2010 showed that their 470 had 93*C like mine, and multiple people reported temperatures in the 90's with the blower cooling. I read (and was kinda funny) that someone had 2 fans blowing at a 470, and temperatures were the same in the 90's. I've also saw an nVidia interview about the 470, and someone from nVidia said that they're safe to run up until 105*C, and even at the maximum temperature they're
  11. I'm using a GTX 470, it gets to 93*C when playing games (literally all day) and sounds like a hair dryer. While playing World of Tanks, I randomly thought, could the GPU's 93*c heat, cause damage to the pci-e slot after long time use? The slot is right below the GPU, and I think that 93*C might damage the slot after some time I'm more concerned about the motherboard than the gpu
  12. It's not inaccurate reading ? The GPU is so hot it might catch fire. The air blown from the cooler is also hot
  13. I get you, but I'm curious about what could have happened to it to get those symptoms The cooler is cooling it but the core just gets so hot it doesn't seem to keep up for some reason
  14. That's what I remembered 20 seconds ago and entered to reply to the thread, LOL! Still strange how GPU-Z says that it is DirectX 11. I will install Windows 10 and try some DirecctX 12 games there
  15. The only game with DirectX 12 support I tried was Hitman 2016, and the DirectX 12 box is white and untickable ? There are articles from 2017 saying nVidia brings DirectX 12 to Fermi ?
  16. This GTX 470 of mine doesn't seem to have DirectX 12 ???
  17. I find this chip on all LGA 775 mobos. Some have a heatsink on it, some do not. I think that's the integrated GPU, but I'm not sure.
  18. I don't know ? Integrated graphics are slow, so it means low CPU usage but high GPU usage, but does this lower CPU usage mean a longer life? ??
  19. Do intel CPUs last longer if you play games with their graphics instead of using a dedicated gaming GPU? ??? Hmm...Questions questions
  20. The monitor that I currently use is a Compaq CQ1859s. Old but it's not bad to play games on. After messing with all the options including the horizontal position, clock, phase clock, and auto-adjust options from the monitor's menu, after 2 minutes and about the 5th time pressing auto-adjust the image fixed itself. Weird