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    Intel Core i5-2400
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    Too lazy to check
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    8GB DDR3 1333
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    GeForce GTX 470
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    Lenovo ThinkCentre
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    500GB WDBLUE
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    Corsair VS450
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    Compaq CQ1859s
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    Spacer Gaming Headset
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    Windows 7 Home Premium x64

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  1. I'm some months late but I just found this neat thing in MSI Afterburner , lol! In settings, there is a "Fan" tab, and I can enable user fan control! From there I can set what fan speed to be on what temp! I set fans to 10% when the temp range is between 0 - 40*C, now I'm not worrying about fans turning on and off a lot, they are always running at low speed. Lol didn't knew about this feature!
  2. So I got a GTX 960 from Gigabyte G1 Gaming, This card's fans do not spin until the temperature hits 50*C, and I think this is worse than having the fans on all the time. Let's say I play a game for a hour, then I go on youtube, then play a game for a hour, then go on the internet, then play a game again, and then going on facebook - I think the fans constantly switching on and off can hurt their longevity more than having them run all the time. I think one day the on/off mechanism will break and one of the fans will just not start.
  3. EDIT: I wrote a post about a cheap GPU upgrade for a certain game, but I forgot no one on this forum cares about old GPUs, everyone is interested in the expensive RTX 3000/2000 series reported and waiting for post deletion
  4. Those are my max temperatures after one hour of gaming with 99% usage. Temp 2 readings are high, what does temp 2 mean exactly? MSI Afterburner takes temp 1 as the GPU temperature. On desktop they all are under 40.
  5. All the time, games also run a lot slower than they used to because of the x1 speed, this happened after I tried to put it into the secondary PC, it did not fit and I forced it in, I struggled for about 5 minutes trying to get it into the slot and might accidentally broke that pin above PCI-E lanes
  6. I think this moved pin is the reason my GPU is seen as PCI-E x1 instead of x16, how do I fix this?
  7. I'm trying to copy old games to a 16GB USB drive. To save USB space, I compress them with WinRar, but change the compression from "Normal" to "Best". This saves quite a lot of space (like Colin McRae Rally from ~500MB to ~250MB). I don't know if it is ok to compress game files like this I think I read somewhere about having worse audio when games' audio files are compressed, but I'm not sure
  8. Yes I know it doesn't receive updates anymore, but that doesn't affect me. I wasn't installing updates anyway. They always seemed to slow down my PC. I'm not on Windows 10 because I mostly play old games, and those run fine on 7. It uses less RAM too.
  9. I wanted to delete all the files in "Temp" folder and I get this error in one file. Is someone else using MY PC? or what? Antivirus software doesn't detect anything.
  10. I understand your concern and tips, but 93*C for a 470 is fine. I've been reading about 470 and 480. They are meant to run hot, and their throttling temperature is 105*C. A review of the 470 from 2010 showed that their 470 had 93*C like mine, and multiple people reported temperatures in the 90's with the blower cooling. I read (and was kinda funny) that someone had 2 fans blowing at a 470, and temperatures were the same in the 90's. I've also saw an nVidia interview about the 470, and someone from nVidia said that they're safe to run up until 105*C, and even at the maximum temperature they're
  11. I'm using a GTX 470, it gets to 93*C when playing games (literally all day) and sounds like a hair dryer. While playing World of Tanks, I randomly thought, could the GPU's 93*c heat, cause damage to the pci-e slot after long time use? The slot is right below the GPU, and I think that 93*C might damage the slot after some time I'm more concerned about the motherboard than the gpu
  12. It's not inaccurate reading ? The GPU is so hot it might catch fire. The air blown from the cooler is also hot