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  1. Informative
    williamcll reacted to Caroline in Here's what left of that H60   
    it wasn't mine but it has been in use for 4+ years, the plate looks rusty
  2. Funny
    williamcll reacted to Meganter in I don't get the people that have gigabit internet and still pirate a game............   
    I pay 30€ for my 1gb internet so I don't really see your point here.
  3. Informative
    williamcll reacted to Tech_Dreamer in As horrible history says: if you win a rebellion you are a revolutionary, if you lose   
    whatever ideology or whomever it is, that's the nations peoples choice(as long as the voting process isn't corrupt to keep someone falsely or an ideology in power). that's the base anchoring idea of democracy. people getting to chose & voice their opinion & have it be respected by those in power. 
    not going with the highly vocal minority mistaking a few loud cries for support , dampening down the silent majority.
    Unless it becomes too extreme for others & becomes an extreme humanitarian level threat, You cant just walk in & just take over power from peoples will & enforce a new law by an isolated a 3rd party coming in & saying i know whats best for people with little to no support. imagine one day if religious people think science is destroying them,  They forcibly take over institutions citing they know whats better, close schools & teach an ancient fairy tale story as truth.(this one is actually happening in some regions even now)
  4. Agree
    williamcll got a reaction from soldier_ph in As horrible history says: if you win a rebellion you are a revolutionary, if you lose   
    Let's be honest here the last decade of successful revolution made no improvements to the country (see: Libya, Iraq). The people just votes another dictator into position.
    Like they say "better the devil you know than the devil you don't"
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  6. Like
    williamcll got a reaction from seee the state im in nooow in How is Hong Kong?   
    Soon after he escaped from Taiwan and was arrest by the HKPD for corruption charges (since he was using her credit card) the chief executive proposed a extradition law that would allow Criminals in Hong Kong to be sent aboard to be processed by criminal courts elsewhere. However, this is taken negatively by many members within liberal parties as a way for mainland authorities to send warrants to arrest criminals in the city and went to protest about it. For the first month the protests were "relatively" peaceful and the government was reluctant to rescind the proposal. However over time a lot of anti-government sentiment began to pile up ever since pan-democratic parties lost a lot of seats in the parliament a few years back and here we are.
    I suppose outside the blizzard controversy things have settled just a little bit, but only barely.
  7. Like
    williamcll got a reaction from seee the state im in nooow in How is Hong Kong?   
    Sitting somewhere between Paris/Catalonia and Chile in terms of aggression. Weekly Protests always turn into riots (Somehow throwing molotovs at law enforcement is considered "Peaceful"?) and the metro takes the most of the damage because apparently public transport is communist (the Protestors blames the metro and the police for letting local triads attack them when most of them were heading home a few months ago) and therefore needs to be removed. The parliament is now a mirror of the British one where half of the discussion descends into senseless bickering between pan-democratic and pro-establishment. Mainlanders are now avoiding the city and head to nearby Macau instead where you can do all the same things like watching the Joker movie in Hong Kong without getting beaten. The army has not made a move other than sitting in ShenZhen.
    Also, Pewdiepie and South Park has been partially unbanned from mainland search engines.
    I don't expect the conflict to end anytime soon, the district elections that is coming real fast will be a key point in this.