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  1. My understanding with how OCing works might be a bit off but on my Asrock Z170M Extreme4 I set the voltage to "Fixed Mode", made it 1.3v and set the Load Line Calibration thing to level 1. I figured that would make it a constant 1.3v but in HWiNFO64 it detects the Core VIDs at 1.270v maximum, 1.235v when it's not 1.270v. Any idea what I could be missing?
  2. It's complicated but I did a very dumb thing, so here's how it all happened and don't know what I should do: Months ago I had a RAID setup with two of my HDDs. This is also when I started OC'ing my CPU and RAM a little and made some BIOS profiles with varying OCs. Sometime after this I'd gotten an SSD, wiped my two drives, disabled RAID and made my SSD the primary drive. I recently thought about OC'ing further just to see if I could push it a little more and I selected the BIOS preset of my previously highest OC I'd attained, I forgot that it enabled RAID however and I w
  3. When I record with ReLive the clip always has 8 audio channels. It makes the footage completely unusable as the audio is heavily distorted and I can't edit in in Vegas Pro to make it useable.
  4. they are textures right? With that said I can't think of anytime where water textures themselves look blurrier at more oblique angles, just reflections getting cut off when using SSR. Does the AF setting apply to them?
  5. It works but I'd like for it to not be choppy when doing other things in the background Thanks for the answer though.
  6. My friend (who has a 4690, 16gb ram, gtx 1060 with gpu usage at ~30%) is able to use his graphics card for youtube playback. I can't seem to achieve this kind of hardware acceleration for playback and even 4k60 videos use less than 15% of my video card. Anyone know how I can change this? I tried Chrome and Firefox, with "Use hardware acceleration when available" enabled on Chrome.
  7. Understood, already had all that stuff covered beforehand. There's a reason why I ONLY asked about low profile vs. standard. Thanks for trying to help anyway.
  8. That's what I get ^ besides, doesn't really matter once you get the model number.
  9. https://www.google.com/shopping/product/4808734349675151089?q=hp pavilion desktop 510-p024&oq=hp pavilion desktop 510-p024 Friend of mine has that and wants a new graphics card, does he need a low profile one or will a small full sized card work? How do you tell?
  10. Thanks for the response. I looked up both monitors. MG279Q will definitely be a consideration for me but that C24FG73 also looks really interesting. Do you by chance know whether curved would be noticeably worse for editing or not?
  11. Most of the 144 Hz panels I see are marketed towards gamers, which makes sense of course but I'll often times see reviews where they also mention things like poor color accuracy. I don't actually know all that much about monitors themselves but as someone who video edits, I do pay attention to things like the levels and saturation for precise tuning. Are there any good 144 Hz panels that would also be good to edit with, hopefully one that doesn't break the bank? Should I just go with a cheap 144Hz panel and get a separate monitor for video editing instead?
  12. Better CPU does not help when you're talking about GPU-only settings like resolution. Only a better GPU will give you better performance at 4k
  13. bump (Hope that's not a necro, waited a bit longer than I realized >.>)
  14. Probably no GPU will bottleneck your CPU anytime in the next few years unless you play games that are extremely poorly optimized on the CPU-end. Right now at least, you're fine with any GPU setup and won't have to worry about your CPU.
  15. I looked at the website and it mentions a setup of an SSD w/ an HDD but what about 2 HDDs in Raid 0? Is there any benefit to be had?
  16. With the Nvidia side I'd replace with the best that I could afford. If you can afford a 1080 I'd get that. On AMD it's a little different because if you're willing to OC, Vega 56 is generally a better option because of how close its performance is to a Vega 64 (even when OC'd).
  17. Let's look at few things regarding this CPU and the i3 6100. The 6098P has: a slower iGPU, slightly lower frequency speed, slightly higher TDP, and the same original MSRP (currently higher price). It would make some sense if it was actually cheaper (especially if it was by a noticeable margin) but it's not. Why does this CPU exist?
  18. Assuming the Intel HD 6xx series is similar to the 5xx series and assuming the low end GeForce 6xx series is similar to the 7xx series, the GT 630 is likely far better than the HD 610. The fact that my old GT 710 significantly beat out the HD 530 actually surprised me a bit, so unless the 6xx GPUs in both series are drastically different than those two, it seems likely the GT 630 is the way to go.