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    ghorbani reacted to Lilninjsways in Could the new gpu be the reason for blue screens?   
    So after installing a new GPU and uninstalling a malware, my brother installed we have been getting blue screens. First, it was unmountable boot drive, then it was another issue with either RAM or his HDD now we have an issue where it won't even boot it's just stuck in a boot loop. It used to do the "your computer is having an issue and we have to restart the pc" and now it's just not showing that. My mother puts it as a ghost or purple fade in the screen?...
    Can anyone help me?
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    ghorbani reacted to Hypnotoad in #x lenses should be called telephoto, not zoom, change my mind   
    I'm sick of reading about "zoom" lenses on smartphones, when they are all just fixed focal length lenses. For example, the 5x periscope lens on the P30 pro should be called 5x telephoto, not 5x zoom. Zoom means that the lens has a range of focal lengths it can use, this doesn't apply to fixed focal length lenses.
    Change my mind.
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    ghorbani reacted to EquiliMario in "How many watts do I need"? Check Here!   
    Aaaah that's where my WC knowledge is letting me down   . I'm not that familiar with different blocks. Although I can imagine that not all of them are backwards compatible with every type of 970.
    Anyways I'm planning on getting the upgrade somewhere spring 2015 (money doesn't grow on trees right  ). So by then I'll do some more research and definitely look at the WC 101 on this forum (holy that is one long thread  :blink:). Else this might get sidetracked a LOT from the actual topic  :lol:. 
    Thanks for the advice! I'll sure keep the reference PCB in mind when selecting my definite parts. Maybe there will be a block for the 970 SC ACX 2.0 (the problem is the ACX 2.0 right?) on the market by then.
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    ghorbani reacted to Gohardgrandpa in 6700k, 7700k or R5 3600+Mobo   
    This is a tough one because your ram speed is pretty slow for a ryzen build. Do think you could off the old stuff your using and get new ram at the same time? 
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    ghorbani reacted to TheKDub in Best reasonably priced tv   
    Any specific price range you're looking for?
    I second what Enderman said. Samsung has some good options.
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    ghorbani reacted to JAKEBAB in $200 Wireless Oculus Rift in the works for 2018   
    Id take this over a tablet tbh. I like my gear vr but the problem is its too low res, if this could fix that so i dont have massive pixels hindering the experience id deff buy it.
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    ghorbani reacted to InfinityVive in What is your bottleneck build Experiment?   
    Do you still use that i7 4770? It is a good CPU actually.
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    ghorbani reacted to Oran in [##(|Adobe Premiere pro users|)##]   
    How to speed up the rendering process in premiere pro?
    my GPU is killing me 
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    ghorbani reacted to Daniel Z. in Games crash when GPU reaches 1580 MHz Core Clock   
    Still, it’s a very very low quality unit. The chance the GPU is unstable from the factory is incredibly unlikely.
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    ghorbani reacted to Tai Tran in PSU Requirement for I5 + GTX 1070 ?   
    So I have to check pretty much everything I have in my system and buy a PSU with 50W+ right ? 
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    ghorbani reacted to paddy-stone in Purple Build For a Friend; Feat. R5 2400G   
    You could just get a single SATA to molex 4 pin lead to save having a whole molex lead in the build, they are reasonably cheap from Amazon and such.
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    ghorbani reacted to Brooksie359 in DeepText - Instagram tests out AI bullying deterrent   
    I did read the ones you posted and they have alot of inherently wrong facts. They say that social media helps with self esteem which is just incorrect. I'm sorry but alot of the stuff they say is not the things I see at all. Again believe what you want but I fundamentally disagree with the sentiment that social media has an overall positive effect on the youth. 
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    ghorbani reacted to nic_von in Wierd slow internet speeds   
    The motherboard could be faulty
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    ghorbani reacted to don_svetlio in 860k, FX 6300, i3 4130   
    FX 6300's performance is split along 6 cores whereas the i3's slightly lower performance is split between 2 cores making it 3 - 1.5 times more powerful in most games atm which can only use up to 4 cores. Newer games do sometimes take advantage of the 6 cores (witcher 3) and will have both CPUs running close to each other.

    The 860k is a very budget-oriented CPU and shouldn't be paired with the 380.
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    ghorbani reacted to pizapower in Which British TV shows are the most popular in the USA & Canada?   
    The Jeremy Kyle Show
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    ghorbani reacted to kotolus in Rough plan for new high FPS build   
    Hi, I'm planning on building a new PC soon and wanted to ask you guys about your opinion on buying CPUs and GPUs right now. So far I barely decided for any specific parts, but I'll just write down all the relevant characteristics. English is not my first language, sorry.
    1. Budget & Location
    About ~1100€ now (roughly the same as US$ excluding taxes I think). Possibly upgrading for additional 500€ (in addition to reselling proceeds of CPU/GPU) when Ryzen Zen-2 or RTX 30XX are released.
    2. Aim
    Mainly High FPS Gaming (according to a lot of YouTube CPU comparisons, the CPU performance becomes more important the higher the FPS is and the lower the graphics settings are).
    I also don't want to turn off all the background applications for gaming like Discord. Possibly want to stream.
    3. Monitors
    1 monitor at 1080@240, possibly 1 additional one at 1080@60.
    4. Peripherals
    5. Why are you upgrading?
    I get too little FPS in most games (~<100) right now, I want to upgrade to 240Hz. Cost for the monitor is not included.
    Build I have in mind:
    PSU: 650W, high efficiency RAM: 16 GB @ ~3200 Hz MB: something suitable for upgrading, overclocking and including the best sound/network optimizations for gaming (not sure if this actually helps, but MB manufactures advertise it and it sounds good to have). So the MB doesn't have to be the cheapest thing. GPU: used 1080ti (possibly buying a new one when next gens are released) CPU: Ryzen 5 2600 (possibly upgrading when next gens are released) Hard drive: Keeping my SSD, getting a 2 TB HDD in addition.  
    The questions regarding CPU and GPU:
    I want to buy/build a PC now because right now I have time for gaming. However, this doesn't seem to be a good time since the RTX cards seem to have pretty a pretty bad price-performance ratio and the Ryzen Zen-2 will be released in about 3 months and are expected to be a pretty big improvement. What do you think about buying this setup and possibly upgrading CPU/GPU later?

    The CPU
    The GPU
    Also, any suggestions for the mainboard? What do you think about the setup as a whole? I was aiming for a pretty high end setup with a good price-performance ratio - do you think this is it?
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    ghorbani reacted to MrTiC in GTX 1070 Lagging when gaming   
    Uninstalled with DDU in safe mode ? if not well use ddu and make sure windows auto drivers are turned off
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    ghorbani reacted to BiG StroOnZ in Navi/Ryzen 3000 launch Megathread   
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    ghorbani reacted to LifesCompanion in Mozilla Pushes "Shumway" Flash Into Firefox   
    Nightly also adds in features and what not which are still in beta phase so you get the best of both worlds, 64-bit and new features. 
    I use Nightly as my main browser and I find it a little bit more fluid than Chrome and it seems to use less resources (for me at least).
    Just curious, how do you think it compares to other mainstream browsers? 
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    ghorbani reacted to -Cupid- in Phone Line in the Network   
    That looks like about what I need. Thanks a lot! I can just plug the outgoing cables into my patch panel, right?
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    ghorbani reacted to Lea in Virus|pop-ups on my desktop and browser (extratorrent)   
    you mean it's best to reinstall windows? 
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    ghorbani reacted to suchamoneypit in Need help with finding parts for a server   
    Rust server won't even use more than 1-2 cores. 
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    ghorbani reacted to KuJoe in So Steam remote play...   
    Setup 2FA for your Steam account and a PIN for Remote Play. "Problem" solved.
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    ghorbani reacted to Cotroneo in Removing packing tape residue on TV screen   
    Hey guys. My dad is a big supplier for one of Canada's theme parks gift shops, and unfortunately one of the employees working there put tape on one of the TV screens (the thing where you roll it and then attach a sign to it) that are used to advertise product. The TV's aren't easily replaceable, and I'm pretty damn sure that you shouldn't be using goo gone on LCD/LED screens.

    Any idea on how we could safely remove the residue? 

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    ghorbani reacted to Uttamattamakin in Why are we still using Calculators?   
    Cheating is possible with programmable graphing calculators.  If a student knows what they are doing they can program it to solve just about any problem right through to a first course in differential equations. 
    To my mind, if they are allowing the calculator they might as well allow a full blown computer THEN ASK HARDER QUESTION THAT REALLY NEED IT.