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  1. What's the difference betweent he 440 and the 840? If it's significant might as well just get the 840's for $200.
  2. The choice between 1440p 60hz and 1080p 144hz has been a real conundrum in my head lately. I like to play my games as competitively as possible so I think I might end up going for the 1080p 144hz. To bad you can't get 1440p@144hz, that would be glorious for CS:GO.
  3. what pads are those? I might get a pair of ATH-M50s soon and I want them to be comfortable for my daily 12+ hour use.
  4. Hmm, very interesting. Especially because people aren't using optical drives as much anymore. I would think maybe something like a Noctua NH-C12P.
  5. If I played console maybe, but I will just stick to my HD 598's for my PC gaming
  6. Are there any air coolers that would fit in there with a full size PSU and graphics card like the titan all at the same time?
  7. Is your avatar the Breakdown of Sanity album artwork. If so then I like you Breakdown of Sanity is amazing. Sorry for going off topic. Also this is an insane kickstarter.
  8. What is the best version of the cooler, and will the cooler make a huge difference in overclocking cooling because the stock one looks amazing?
  9. I have a Gigabyte Z87-OC that should okay right?
  10. Also, do you think a Corsair HX 850 could handle driving both of these cards at max power?
  11. Hey, so right now in my main rig I have a 660 ti mining on its own. I'm about to buy a 780 ti in the next couple days and I was wondering if I can mine with the Gtx 660 ti and the 780 ti at the same time without having them be the same card in sli? Edit: By the way the reason I have Nvidia cards mining because I mine on this computer but it's also my gaming computer. My other computer is my mining rig is AMD and has HD 5830 in it.
  12. I think I might just end up getting a 780 ti now and reselling when the gtx 880 ti comes out.
  13. For now only 1080 but I would end up buying a 1440p or 1600p monitor after buying the card.
  14. For now I have a HD 5830 in my mining rig which gets 280 kh/s, and a 780ti would give me about 400 kh/s which is more than the total of 520 kh/s that I get now.
  15. Woahhhh, please tell me the GTX 880 isn't 2 years away.
  16. Do you think the GTX 880 will come out in Q1 because if not I will probably buy now and re-sell it when it does come out.
  17. 4770k 8gb corsair vengeance and MSI Power Edition 660 ti with a HX 850 by Corsair
  18. I was wondering if the GTX 880 would be coming out in Q1 of this year. I did some googling and some people are saying Q1 for 8xx but no definitively the GTX 880. Should I get the 780 ti now or wait?