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  1. He will buy the 2070 then. Thanks! It's only 2560*1080, so I think the 2070 will be able to maintain 60 FPS.
  2. Hello everyone! My friend wants to buy a GPU (he can't speak English at all, so here I am). He wants to play with Battlefield V mainly, and some lighter other titles. He has a 144Hz 2560*1080 res. display and an i7-9700k. He told me that he wants to try out the ray tracing part as well, so he wants an RTX card. I think there are only 3 options: RTX 2060 (MSI ventus): ~410$ RTX 2060S (evga sc ultra gaming): ~510$ RTX 2070 (inno3d gaming x2): ~520$ Which one would you recommend? These are the cheapest ones which have double fans and are from a well known vendor. The Palit, etc ca
  3. Hi everyone! I plan to build a PC in the DAN A4. These components are set (I already bought them and I will re-use them): Corsair SF600 Platinum, RTX 2070, 8GB RAM, 970 Evo, Asrock z370m-itx/ac mini itx. My question is that the only AIO that fits in the A4 is the Asetek 645LT, which is a 92mm AIO, so which CPU would you recommend for this build? I will use this cute little monster to game (mainly strategy and MMORPG titles, so I am fine with stable 75 FPS), and sometimes I want to stream as well in 2560*1080. I am thinking about an i7-8086k with delid, because it is only a 6 core CP
  4. Hello guys! I have an iPhone SE and I was wondering whether I could connect it to a portable screen with the lightning Digital av adapter and make notes in Word in uni. I have a bluetooth keyboard which I love, so the typing won't be an issue. Do you think it could work out, and can it output 1080p? If not, than I'll buy a thin & light, but I thought it could be a nice budget option. Thanks!
  5. Okay, really thanks for everything. Thank you guys! ^^
  6. Okay, thanks! I'll check everything twice before buying them. And then I'll buy the PSu after the measurement.
  7. I found some PSU which are small (SFX), but they are double the price. Do you think it would be better if I bought the case, put everything in (except the PSU), then measure how many space is left for the PSU and then make the choice wheter I need to buy an SFX one or a standard one?
  8. @brob I'll speak about it with my dad, because he'll get my current PC. If he doesn't need this one for a few months, then I'll wait. So if he can wait, then I should wait until the prices go down, and buy the i5-8400 with no aio (or the i7-8700k+aio if I have the money by then). If he needs this PC now, then I might be off better with the i3-8350K + aio (considering the prices + I won't need to buy the aio later), than the i5-8400 without the aio, right? I could also learn to OC before getting the i7-8700k. Or would you still recommend the i5-8400 even with that price? Just a i3-83
  9. Sadly no. The i5-8400's price stagnates since 2018.01.03 according to the biggest site (like Amazon). But the i3-8100 and the i3-8350K's price is slowly but surely going down. I think the price difference is due to that.
  10. In Hungary the i3-8350K is ~200$, the Cooler Master MasterLiquid Lite 120 is ~50$, so it's ~250$, whilst the i5-8400 here is ~235$. (the i3-8100 is ~130$)
  11. Okay, thanks. Then I'll just go for the i5-8400 with Stock cooler. And about the CPU updgrade. I found a few shops which sell 3-4-6th gen i7-s for cheap (not opened). That's why I tought it might be a good idea to do that, because I'd just need a new CPU instead of mobo, ram, cpu and I could have a much stronger system just with that. Also what do you think about the i3-8350K? I heard only bad things about it, but that one + the aio cooler is actually the same $ as the i5-8400 here. Based on what I read the i3-8350K with OC is a little bit better in games, but a lot worse in other kind
  12. Yes, I know. That's the reason I opted for a liquid cooler. I saw videos where they could OC the i7 7700k to 4.9 Ghz easily, so I thought I could OC the 8700K a bit too (I'm looking for better 120mm liquid coolers for not much more money. But if I can't find then I could afford an i5-8400. Do you think the Stock cooler could handle it in such a small space?) Thank you very much for the PSU advice, I'll buy that one! About the M.2 I think I'll go with that, because it's easier to add a normal SSD then to add an M.2 later (and I'm not sure about my space saving cable management skills )
  13. I'll only use M.2, just as I said in my first comment. I think the Elite 110 is pretty small, maybe the Cooler Master Elite 130 could be MATX sized? I dunno, but that doesn't really matter. Again, thanks for all the information, but what really matters is the components.
  14. In paper it should fit in it, because the PSU goes beyond the back of the case. The Corsair VS650 is 150mm x 86mm x 140mm, and the Elite 110's maximum PSU capability is 180mm, so it should fit in it, right?