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About BloodWithIce

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    I like Fractal and AKG
  • Birthday Dec 23, 1998

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    QLD Australia
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    Gaming, technology, engineering, design, graphics.
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    I am a 16 year old guy, I like playing on my gaming pc, which I build with the money I earn from my job. I am studying engineering studies and industrial technology and design. I hope one day, I'll become a hardware engineer.
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  • CPU
    Intel core i5 4670k @4.6GHz
  • Motherboard
    MSI Z87 G45 Gaming
  • RAM
    16Gb HyperX Fury white @1866
  • GPU
    Sapphire R9 290 Tri-x @1200, @1350
  • Case
    Fractal Design Arc Midi R2
  • Storage
    120gb V300
  • PSU
  • Display(s)
    AOC 21.5 1080p IPS
  • Cooling
  • Keyboard
    CM Quickfire TK White limited w/Mx red.
  • Mouse
    Steelseries Kana V2
  • Sound
    AKG K240 Studio
  • Operating System
    W 8.1
  1. Honestly can't stand small phones like the 5
  2. As the title says, have you got any recommendations on what phone I should buy that's $400 or less? I have a zenfone 5 right now, was looking at the zenfone 2 deluxe. Thanks
  3. Would you recommend this camera? Thinking about buying it just for photos.
  4. Both come with 18-55mm lenses Can get them for the same price. Which one would you recommend I buy?
  5. So I'm buying two Pioneer SDJ50X Active Monitors and I've been told that connecting two unbalanced RCA directly to the Mobo soundcard can cause interference. I've decided to buy an audio interface, hook up both monitors to it via unbalanced RCA and connect the interface to my pc. I'm not sure which one to buy though. I was thinking about the Focusrite Scarelt Solo: https://www.storedj.com.au/products/FOC-SCARLETTSOLO Would it work? Thanks
  6. Fact is i'm getting one for a decent price since it's on sale, so I'm just trying to save a bit of money.
  7. So I am buying one Pioneer S DJ50X Active studio monitor. What is the easiest way to hook it up directly to my pc? What cable should I use? Here is the back interface of the Speaker. Also if you're wondering why I am buying only one, it's because I'll upgrade to stereo when I have enough money.
  8. So I've been offered to swap my Sapphire R290 Tri X for a Sapphire 7990. I am quite tempted to say yes because the 7990 performs better, but I'm worried about the noise etc.. My 750w psu should be able to handle it so that's fine. Should I or should I not?
  9. I have a non OEM windows key, I have installed windows 8.1 on both my pc and my laptop using the same key. Since it's a non OEM key, can I install it on my other computers without running into any problems? Will they somehow link or does it only depend on the microsoft account?
  10. I have two options, both for $80 Kingston HyperX 3K 120GB OCZ Vertex 3 Max iOPs 120gb Which one should I get?
  11. o hooked up the laptop to my TV and no flickering. That means it's the screen itself