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  1. We can't open the nvidia control panel to begin with, when we open it from the source file on the C drive it says there is no detected display adapter
  2. Hey, we just noticed when we forced the control panel to start, it said there was no nvidia gpu connected to the display. How do we make the laptop use the nvidia GPU?
  3. So I think my laptop is using it's intel integrated graphics because when I right click on the desktop it shows intel graphics settings instead of the nVidia which should be appearing. The laptop is using GT 940M, how would we know if the laptop is using the dedicated gpu?
  4. and this power supply has that?
  5. idk if i'm about to go full autism here but doesn't the 2070 need 14 pins because 8+6
  6. So I'm having trouble understanding how many gpu pins there are available on this PSU, I am going to be using it with a gtx 2070 that requires both a 8 pin and a 6 pin, is this psu compatible?
  7. So I took my mobo out of the case after there was no video output and it started outside the case on the mobo box and the fan turned on and off a few times and then the monitor showed the image inserted. This was a first because I've had this problem before and never any video output. So I tried to start it in the case and then same issue as always no beeps no nothing. So I tried starting it outside the case again and now it's just no image on monitor, fan is spinning consistently
  8. Hey! typing this from the computer now, it just suddenly stopped typing 8, thanks for help though.
  9. I just did that and now it's doing the same thing but with an 8
  10. I turned on my computer and it is just spamming 7 non stop. I unplugged my keyboard and it persisted so I don't know what to do. I am scanning the computer now
  11. How many beeps? record the beeps and count them and look for the corresponding amount on the link I gave you earlier. You don't need to make new posts every time. https://ddr4motherboard.com/beepcodes/GIGABYTE-GA-H97M-D3H-REV.-1.0