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  1. For the past few weeks, I have been configuring WOL, and I have one main issue. When my PC is in sleep/hibernate/shutdown for a certain amount of time, WOL will not work. If it is off for like 30s, then WOL will work, and PC will turn on like normal. But if it is left off overnight, WOL will not work in the morning (I even found that when I put my PC into sleep for ~20 mins, WOL will still not work). NIC has latest driver. In device manager, my Intel(R) Ethernet Connection (2) I219-V #2 has these settings configures: Energy Efficient Ethernet=OFF Ultra Low Pow
  2. I have had this problem for about a year now. My PC will not connect to my switch controller via Bluetooth (I follow the steps about holding the sync button and all that, and even tried it on steam, but nothing). This wouldn't be an issue, but it also does not connect via wired connection (With the included USB-A to USB-C cable that came with the controller). The controller is charged, and works perfectly fine on my switch. I have removed the device from my Bluetooth menu, and tried pairing it again, and it would not detect the controller. Strangely, when I plug it into my computer, it makes t
  3. So the summery of it is; No one can join my minecraft server off of my ip address, including myself. I can, however, connect locally using my ipv4 address. I have tried everything: Re-Port forwarded (I have an xfinity router) multiple times, restarted server, restarted router, gone into control panel to allow the server through firewall (like what this video does https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Nn2BJ9jLYNs ), you name it. I am completely lost, does anyone have any idea what might be going on? Any and all help is very much appreciated.
  4. *Not sure if im on the right section to post this* (Image isnt of my 3ds) This connector has its hinge snapped off, and I am unsure if this is an important connector or not. (3ds doestn power on)
  5. So I recently bought a long HDMI cable to connect to my TV across the room(30hz), while still connected to my main monitor (144hz). I have it set up so that they are being duplicated. I knew that the refresh rate difference would be somewhat of an issue, but I have it mostly figured out. In games, my refresh rate is 144hz on my monitor, and 30hz on the TV, as to be expected. However, when I am on the desktop, dragging files and moving tabs are at 30hz, while the mouse moves at 144hz. I have restarted my PC, and am looking for a solution right now, but some guidance would be useful if there is
  6. {Just want to clear some suspicion; 1) My switch is not homebrewed at the moment, and I have not gotten banned from it. 2) I am by no means an online cheater or hacker 3) I only plan to emulate older games on it (like N64, S/NES, or GBA games) 4) When I say "hacked", I mean homebrewing your switch. Sorry for any confusion} Are you guys saying that you will get banned if you are using homebrewed software (Like an emulator) while connected to internet, or are you saying that Nintendo will detect if you even have homebrewed software, and then ban you?
  7. I obviously understand how people can get banned off of a hacked switch if they are hacking in an online game like Splatoon 2 or Smash, but I have also heard that people have gotten banned from just playing on a hacked switch (Like emulating old games). How does this happen? Do they get reported by the people they know or something?
  8. The point of mounting it on the wall is so that wont have to move my setup, and all of its cables, over to the TV. Wireless HDMI wont be an option, too much latency
  9. I am planning on buying a 15ft-20ft HDMI cable for my PC to run to my TV across the room for when I have friends over. I know that cable clips/ties exist, but what would be best for drywall? Running it through the wall would be impossible with how the door frame was made. Any and all help is appreciated.
  10. Thank you all for the responses! It seems this will be more difficult than I first imagined, so I might be forced to do something else.
  11. I am doing a school project about making a product that is environmentally friendly. My Idea is to create a cheap windows 95 to xp machine, with the most environmentally friendly parts i could find, and (theoretically, not really) create a power supply that cuts all power from the pc after you shut it off. I'm trying to find out which parts have toxic metals in them, but have had no luck so far. Anyone have any ideas?
  12. I am a beginner to flying drones, but I know the basics of flying them. The only problem is the drones that I've flown are those crappy ones from Toys R Us (RIP) that flew for 5 mins with a 144p camera. I would like to get a decent one that I can fly over 400m, with at least a 1080p camera (With a license of course). So far the cheapest option that doesn't look like sh*t is the DJI Spark controller combo for $350
  13. I disassembled my dads old computer from 1998 and found a 5.25 HDD in it. When I went on Ebay, I found that 5.25 drives were going as high as $1000, even old ones like this. Did I find something very valuable, or just some magnets in a steel enclosure?