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    Adam Madi is the name.
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    1x16 DDR4
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    GTX 1060 6 GB
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  1. ok thank you i removed everything. sorry if it shows that i posted 3 times, i dont know why it does that.
  2. The program is installed in on my SSD Do i delete EVERYTHING that has to do with WSV3 and try to reinstall it?
  3. Hello. I have been using a program called WSv3 to check weather radars around the United States. During the time i've had this program, I accidentally changed my time and date settings. I reverted them back to normal, but whenever i try to open WSv3, I get an error message saying "Failed to start program. Failed because your time and date settings are incorrect. Fix your date and time settings, and restart your computer and try again". I/ve tried everything, I have synced my clock countless time, I've used Windows Powershell to uninstall and install W32 time, and I have turned on the opti
  4. I don't know if you came here to flex or what? XD. It is a pretty good setup, but I would rather you have a higher end CPU with your GPU.
  5. Hello. One day, on July 30, I downloaded ThrottleStop to undervolt my CPU. I undervolted it too much, and my laptop crashed. I opened my laptop to find out all my browsers except Google were gone, but all my history and Gmail information was gone from google. I'm like "Ok, I can just put back everything to how it was before." So 2 weeks later, I restarted my laptop. EVERYTHING i downloaded in that 2 week time period was gone, and all my downloaded things (On and before July 30) was moved into the Download section of my Users file in C:. Everything resetted to how it was on July 30, and my brow
  6. But with HP Omen's Crappy software, I can't put my fans to my preferred speed. I can only put 3 settings. Cool, default, and Performace.
  7. Thank you for the response. I also used Arctic MX-4 thermal paste, the one with the 8 year guarantee. I am sure that applied pressure to the thermal paste. I have looked up before, and people say that they are experiencing the same temperatures, but there are no fixes yet. I came here hoping for a fix, though.
  8. I say go for the HP Envy. I've had a lot of experience with Acer Laptops and I can tell you that they are garbage. They barely last me more than a year. Right now I am using my HP Omen that I have had for a year. I've had HP laptops in the past, and they are very durable.