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  1. That's the answer I was hoping to see, now I can stop being worried about it
  2. I did them both about 5 minutes after startup without opening anything, so it should be the same test for both. But perhaps I should try a few more tests just in case something was running in the background when I tested XMP.
  3. So I just upgraded my RAM today and I tried running cinebench r23 before putting XMP on, just because I was curious how much it would add to the score. So I got 10970 with BIOS completely default, with XMP enabled I got 10850. I know the difference isn't huge but in my mind the XMP should add atleast a little to the score. Anyone have an idea what could be causing this? Or perhaps it's just normal and cinebench r23 doesn't care about RAM speed? Default my RAM run at 2666MHz & Tcas(20)-Trcd(19)-Trp(19)-Tras(43). With XMP enabled they run at 3600MHz & Tcas(16)-Trcd(18)-Trp(18)-Tras(18).
  4. Think it's about the same with the D15, thankfully I have a case with 190mm CPU cooler clearance so it shouldn't be a problem. Appreciate the input!
  5. From the charts the Zalman looks about equal to the NH-D15 in noise and maybe even cools better. However what I "heard" was that the CNPS20x had a weird pitch or static noise to it. Mainly because of the "X" mounting it has in front of the fans. Which is the main thing that's keeping me from buying it to be honest. I'm also wondering if it makes a difference what case fans I have, like right now I have 3x noctua nf-a14 case fans. If I bought the NH-D15, then all my fans in my case would be noctua and perhaps my PC would be overall more quiet since it's the same brand?
  6. I would buy it, but I've seen people saying it's quite noisy and I do prefer a quiet build. Seems to that Noctua is the most quiet you can get, when it comes to case fans & coolers so I'll probably go with the noctua.
  7. Prices are wack here in Denmark, the dark pro 4 is the same price as the Noctua NH-D15S. About 7-8 euro less than the NH-D15. So I guess that's another good reason for me to go with the Noctua.
  8. It's just a 5600x, so it doesn't really need such a big cooler. Still nice though for a quiet build and I can upgrade CPU later on without worries of it running hot. I'll probably end up with the NH-D15, because I want a quiet build.
  9. I don't "need" it, but I do want a dual tower. Considering I want a quiet build, I'm leaning towards the Noctua. Also because of the warranty & they provide brackets for the future.
  10. So I've been wanting to buy a NH-D15 since it's considered by many the best air cooler. But I ended up watching a review of the Zalman CNPS20X, which actually beat the NH-D15 in some cases and they were generally very close in performance. Now I've actually had a NH-D15 before and I absolutely loved it, but the Zalman is literally HALF the price. So I'm wondering if there's anyone here that have experience with the CNPS20X or perhaps both coolers, that can tell me which one you would go with considering the price difference of them. Any help is very much appreciated!
  11. For some odd reason it works fine now, XMP is enabled and it's only at 60c after a test. I don't know what I did, but I'm just happy it works now lol.
  12. I realize, but the ~15c increase makes it so much louder too which is what I'm most annoyed by. Guess I'll have to try undervolting or something, even though I'm clueless how to do it.
  13. I reinstalled the cpu cooler when I swapped the cases. I don't think it's a problem with airflow and such, because it's only with XMP on that it behaves weird. I took a BIOS default test with the both the old case and the new case, the new case was better when both BIOS was stock. So it's only with XMP it acts weird.
  14. I put the top fan to the front, so it's 2x front as intake & 1 at the back as exhaust, my GPU is a EVGA 1080 SC.
  15. Quite the opposite, I had the fractal design define c before, but now I have the be quiet pure base 500dx. And it's only with XMP/DOCP turned on that the temps are wack.