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  1. hi guys ,,so i cant find out why i cant play 4k video on my 6700k 2080ti pc ,,and why can i watch 4k youtube ,,and i can get 4k netflixs if i get MS edge web ,it work but not with 2 displays ,,when i unplug my monitor it works whit my tv ,,but what i dont get is why im watching 4k youtube im useing 3% cpu and 13% gpu ,,and runs perfect ,,so if i had one gb internet i shud be able to run 8x 4k youtube videos,,,so what im saying is my pc can run 4k games and 4k movies and 4k you tube but not 4k netfilxs or amazon ,,i meen i could use my smart tv to play them in 4k ,but defeats the point of havi
  2. this is my build ,but i wont post my setup ,,way to getto for you guys ,funny how my pc is not lol ,thats my bench marks in the link https://www.userbenchmark.com/UserRun/17749943
  3. guys i found out how to fix borderland 2 ,now i get 165 to 170 stable then jumps to 200 to 225 or 245 fps in diffent parts of the game but a stable 165 or 171 fps on RTX 2080 ti 1080p 120hz ,,but still some issues cos i can only use 44 to 50 % of gpu thanks to some fixs insted of the 30% i was getting ,heres the fixs for borderlands ,but if any one nos one for dota 2 im all ear LOW FPS / FPS DROP SOLVED !! (Windows 10) Hi Vault Hunters ! I had very low FPS issue since I have Windows 10, and 4-8 FPS with a GTX 1080, this is sad. I contacted 2K support and here is the answ
  4. heres my bench marks if any one interested https://www.userbenchmark.com/UserRun/17749943
  5. sorry i dont play that game ,and never will ,un less it some how ups to a AAA GAME ,OR GOS to e sports
  6. i think your right ,this is why new game are un effected ,,its not what i was looking for ,but its better then being told i spent 2 grand on a pile of shit lol ,pc rules ,die consoles , i joke consoles give me all your games then ill feel better ,because my pc will shit on them too lol ,,thank mate
  7. iv tryed V SYNC ON and OFF ,adapative . fast sync, i have a 4k tv 60 hz that can go to 1080p 120hz , its an IPS display ,and has no input lag on game mode ,its very clear and fast it is a 2019 model tv ,and i have a 4k monitor 60hz with some other bit and peaces and use as 2nd display ,no g sync on eva ,gpu . capped 120fps or uncapped fps still uses 30 to 40 % gpu and cpu ,for older games ,like war frame ,,dota 2 ,,bordeland ,,but new game like Devil may cry 5 can reach 4k 120 to 150 fps steady all maxed out ,,and another thing is if you look at linus is 8k tv video ,you will see the gpu gos
  8. my cpu and gpu are stuck at 30 or 40% on games like dota 2 and border lands 2 ,can not hold 120fps at 1080p in eva off thees game .and fps is same at 4k ,my cpu is 6700k 4.2 ghz and 32 gb ram ddr4 2400mhz ,i have a ref RTX 2080 ti a 120 gb ssd and 1tb hard drive with a b250 mother bored and a 650 gold rated psu evga ,and my cpu is at 30% as well ,even if im in menu with uncqcaped fps still only minmal use from cpu and gpu ,there is no viruses and no bad soft where that im awear of
  9. sorry i took so long ..i did manged to get better results on the bench mark when i took the ram out and back in and change the slots .. but if you guys did read the top part ,,that i wrote it says microsoft nos about this issue in windows 10 ..and will be doing a fix on the performance monitor. ..sorry you could not read it .and thxs for your help guys ..i gess my pc is fine ...still abit worry about the ram ..cos my scores keep changeing when i do the test
  10. did you look at the results off the bench marks ..can you see my ram problem ..i enable xmp profile but my results didnt go up how do i set up dual+ channel
  11. its windows 10 telling me theres somethink wrong ..so i cant just lev it be
  12. oh and i did turn of my xmp profile i could just turn that back on
  13. b250 motherbored 16 gb ram no fps drop ..so far i no temp are all good