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  1. yes, for gaming is great @ 5 Ghz and 5.1 Ghz hitting max around 68 C° on the heaviest games, on light games like pubg hitting aroung 60C°. For synthetics I'm at 5 Ghz getting max 93C° on heavy benchmarks like Prime 95 (average is like 88C°). This is with a horrible cheap bad case which I'll change soon, so expect around 4 o 5 C° less with a good case. I reccommend getting the 360mm though so you can overclock higher, and the price is like almost the same.
  2. r7 5800x for me is the sweet spot, 6 cores is too low for me imo, but if $$ is a problem go for the 5600x.
  3. What prime 95 are yotu using and what cooler do you have? I'd say up a nmotch the vcore and try again, also a more agressive llc.
  4. I changed my thermal paste to Grizzly Kryonaut 1g and now my max is 88C° on Aida64, and is like 80 average.
  5. sure, but maybe try to find a 360mm for that same price or even lower.
  6. I'm getting 94C° only on synthetics, i have no other workload that produces that kind of heat, not gaming nor compiling. Is this ok ?
  7. imo i was really tired of getting constant stuttering which is extremely bad for fps online games (which is the only type of games I play) tha's why i changed my cpu, but for offline games 6/6 cores is totally ok. if this is your case, I will reccommed the amd 5600x, but 6/12 for me is too tigh (80% to 90% utilization on AAA), so personally i would go for the 5800x although everybody recommends the 5600x.
  8. Not really, this i5 doesn't have hyperthreading, my old 8400 did stay at 100% all the time even the i5 10600K stays at 80-90% on AAA games. This is your bottleneck, my old i5 8400 was always at 100% while gaming, this produces stuttering mostly on bad optimized games. The only thing you can do is to try to overclock even more.
  9. Greetings, need your help: First time overlocker here, very exiting world with my very first K cpu. Currently i'm at: *Vcore: 1.27 V @5Ghz *Vram: 1.45 V *VCCIO: 1.25 V *VCCSA: 1.25 V *Line calibration: 2 I have got some questions regarding long term cpu life: 1- How many years have your cpu worked with a good overclock? 2- Are my voltages dangerous? Currently I'm getting up to 94C° on synthetics but only up to 60C° on games. 3- Should I stay with this overclock or swap profiles while not playing?
  10. In my expirience you really can tell the difference in old games (single core games like warrock) or bad optimized games like PUBG, I can tell the difference because it prevents stuttering and smoothens everything. In well optimized games like battlefield 1 and V makes no difference only gives you some little extra fps.
  11. I don´t think so they come from the chipset, I wonder does anyone know how many PCi lanes does my msi z490 tomahawk have?
  12. yes, but the i5 10600k can go up to 90% on some games, an instance i just don't want to see anymore.
  13. IMO going for an AIO is better because of esthetics, check if you can find the H100I PRO XT which is the newest version of this aio (I have got this one and is OK for an i7 10700K), if you want better future proofing get a 280mm or 360mm, check if your case supports the AIO you select though. RAM seems OK I would go for 3600 Cl16 as you did.