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  1. mine is 50 ns at 4000mhz 19-19-19-39 Overlocked is 45 ns 4000 16-16-16-32 at 1.45V. SO i guess you are ok. Also make sure to change secondary and tertiary times, if not, performance is affected and in my experience does produce stuttering in games.
  2. Try setting the voltage manually to your desire value and test if that helps with temperatures, if so, you will know for sure is because the Vcore .
  3. My current settings are: CPU ratio: all core. CPU ratio: 51 CPU ratio mode: Fixed mode. Voltages override. Ring ratio 48. CPU core voltage: 1.32. CPU loadline calibration control: Mode 3 Stock XMP profile 4000 16-16-16-34 Bus clock 100.5 Mhz. But these voltages wont be the same for you, you have to go up 0,5 and test until fully stable behavior. Temps are good on games (below 60) on sintehitc test they are around 90-95 with corsair h100i proxt 240mm.
  4. 1- No, 750 is more than enough. 2- NO, is ok with 8. You won´t hit 5.1 on all cores, just in one core. All core for this i7 is 4.7, if you want 5.1 Ghz all core you have to overclock.
  5. 1-Check if any auto overlock is set, in MSI is called Game Boost. 2-If not, just set Vcore to a stable value around 1.2 something.
  6. yes, overclocking your RAM, read this guide: https://github.com/integralfx/MemTestHelper/blob/master/DDR4 OC Guide.md
  7. 3600, but I would strongly recommend Ryzen 5 5600x even if you have to save a little more or wait availability.
  8. The 5600x is better than an i9 10900K for gaming, so I would say no. imo I wouldn't go 6 cores because a game can use the cpu as much as 90% or more while with 8/16 a game will only take 20%-60%. So in my experience going as high as 100% did bring me a lot of problems, to mention one: when playing at 100% usage, the poor CPU wasn't capable of handling the RGB on my corsair K70 keyboard as it literally stuttered. So, Steve (GamersNexus) said that a 5600X is enough for gaming according to the charts as the i5 8400 was two years ago, but there's more things to consider as I
  9. My motherboard has 8 + 4 pin, I only connected the 8 pin and works flawlessly even at 5.2 Ghz overlock!
  10. the i5 10600K with that 1070Ti would be great at 1080P! But I will recommend the Ryzen 5600x which is better for gaming than the i9 10900K.