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  1. Sorry the Motherboard that has a preset for 4.4Ghz and it uses a preset voltage around 1.3volts im just using that for now,Hmm will have to go through bios settings and mess around with it
  2. No its 1.3 ish (the Mobo auto clocks it) its around 1.4 any higher clock speed ,maybe there is some settings im missing in the bios
  3. Flash games lol? anything from the early 2000s I guess maybe like battlefront 2 classic etc maybe ? otherwise save up all ur change and buy a better laptop like a decent t400 for like 3-400 bucks other than that thats it.
  4. I never really had much luck with my current mobo for overclocking over 4.4ghz, maybe my PSU is garbage and is cutting out but in order to get a relativley stable overclock around 4.6 ghz I had to push the voltage all the way to 1.397v on the core to keep it from crashing (or maybe I lost the silicon lottery ) but anyways thanks yeah guess its not really worth it if Im keeping my skylake
  5. What are you running IDT, Realtek? if so uninstall all drivers that control anything related to audio (Razer, Dolby, Beats, APO, DTS. etc) All of sound drivers in device manager and disable any enhancements in playback devices menu and then reboot, windows should automatically install generic drivers so you at least have sound again and then re download drivers from manufacturer website and install them if they fail to install you can try to disable driver signature reinforcement through advanced restart settings and try to reinstall drivers again and reboot. Also check to see if you have any
  6. Wanting to upgrade from Msi Z170A gaming M5 to Z170A Gaming M7 or Z270 Gaming M7 just wondering if there is any benefit of getting the z270 over the z170 (I know Optane is pretty much incompatible with skylake and I dont care for it anyways lol), wanting to upgrade mainly for overclocking and some more hardware expansion (Moar HDDs, SSDs,Sli,watercooling RGB headders etc) I hardcore messed when I built this pc (First time builder fails) and bought a gaming m5 that dose not have LLC and I dont feel like frying my 6700k anytime soon with high voltages just to get around 4.5 ghz unstable with vd