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  1. I'm not sure whether to order it via new egg or amazon. It say's 2-5 weeks for amazon but someone ehere said they are shipping it to them on the 24th. Also the k65 rgb is at best buy online now. I wish the other versions were there already.
  2. I'm hoping that next week sometime we will get some more information on the other switches/ k95 rgb since it's getting fairly close to the end of the month now.
  3. Thankfully someone sumerised all the actual news for you in this page or 1 page back..
  4. I think I double posted so this is a modified one to apologize lol
  5. @dwitty on corsair facebook page in one of the comments on a post someone from corsair said all keyboards including k95 is late September. So I guess unless it's postponed again that's good news.
  6. The software is also available now on there website. http://www.corsair.com/en-us/vengeance-k70-rgb-fully-mechanical-gaming-keyboard-anodized-black-cherry-mx-red
  7. Well I asked them about the k70 specifically but I can imagine it would also be for the k95 as well. Btw any news on when the k70 rgb mx reds will be on the best buy website? I'm trying to figure out how soon they update there site
  8. I'm just curious when it will show up on bestbuy.com and frys.com I purchased a regular k70 mx blue from frys a few day's ago and i'm returning it as soon as the rgb blue switches come out. Even if i have to return it a bit early at least i am more familiar with mechanical switches now, and i love them I come from the Razer Lycosa keyboard so i was sick of waiting lol. I also spoke to a cosair rep via live chat and they said all switches would be released at the end of the month in september. Pretty good news if that's true at least.