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  1. You will need to use primer, and depending if there is a glossy finish on the inside, you may need to sand it a bit. To avoid any dripping, I recommend a matte finish on the inside. I spray painted the inside of my first case, and it turned out great. This shouldn't be a one day project, spread it out over at least three and take your time! Don't rush!
  2. A friend of mine is selling a 6870 1gb for $80, barely used. I have a 6870, and plan to crossfire the two if I buy it from him. My question is, is $80 too much?
  3. I have a Cooler Master CM storm trigger keyboard, and it will not launch the trigger software. The icon under my notifications is greyed out. All it will allow me to do is closed the app via right click. The first day I had the keyboard, the software would launch and work flawlessly. I had set the storm key (windows key) to be the windows key, instead of its default setting. Now, the macros are still assigned, but the software will not open what-so-ever. I've tried: - Re installing the trigger software - deleting files in registry - tried different versions - different USB ports - googl
  4. My grandmothers cell phone shut off for the first time ever, she thought it broke and didn't know what to do. We go her the cell phone 11 years ago, and she never let the thing die.
  5. It will constantly be watched from this point on.
  6. Wait a bit before you use it again, if you did. Personally I am not a fan of it.