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  1. Hello alyen, Thank you for taking the time to reply I think I found the perfect case, it has filter, flow and no windows. https://www.fractal-design.com/products/cases/meshify/meshify-c/black/
  2. Standing up the normal way is the only way I can fit it, 21,5 cm is the maximum possible width and 46 cm is the maximum possible depth, height is no concern. IO on the the top edge of the case like this https://www.corsair.com/medias/sys_master/images/images/h2a/hc0/9143977771038/-CC-9011164-WW-Gallery-275Q-08.png is perfect for me. I really would prefer a case with no windows. My main concern is the airflow of the 275q. Everything else is great about it.
  3. Hello guys, i need some help with picking a new case. I want to get one that will fit in a small space beside my desk. 21,5 cm is the maximum possible width and 46 cm is the maximum possible depth. I prefer it to have no windows and top facing front IO would be a gem. For now i have stopped on Corsair 275Q but am concerned with the thermals. Any suggestions for another case or personal experience with the 275q? Thank you in advance!