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  1. speed isn't worth the extra price for a secondary drive.
  2. So my HDD gave up yesterday and i need a new one. I want it to be really quiet, I was thinking of a 2.5inch HDD (as so was my last one), because they seem to be really quiet. Is there a better choice or is going with a 2.5inch a good idea?
  3. That cant be the cause of +10C, my old card could easly work in the case (1060 3gb one fan)
  4. 2 intake and no exhaust, cpu is cooled by a Noctua d14 EDIT: Case H500
  5. I tried tweaking it, but decided to leave it on default. The fans are working at about 60-70% to maintain the 88C
  6. My RX 570 is running 88C while under full load. I changed the thermal paste, but the temps are still bad. Maybe the thermal pads? And if so what thicknesses are they?
  7. I didnt really mess around with the originals, they went to the bin with no second thought, but they were flexible, that i know for a fact. The ones i have rn are quite hard, but also flexible.
  8. those that ripped and were the reason to buy new ones
  9. The ones i put in were white, but i think theyre on the more solid side. The ones i pulled off were original.
  10. I have an Aorus RX 580 8GB XTR. I bought it off someone on the used market and i had been using it for a month when i decided to change the thermal paste. When i unscrewed everything on the GPU, I started to pull it open and saw that the thermal pads ripped apart, so i had to buy new ones. First i bought 1.5mm thermal pads for the VRM and 0.5mm pads for the memory modules (they seemed right according to my measurements). After installing them, I realised that the pads on the memory modules were too thin and concluded, that 1mm should do the trick, so i bought those. After switching the 0.5mm f
  11. When im playing specific games like fortnite or gta v, i experience the cpu fan ramping up for a few seconds and then coming back down. I have a corsair h80i gt. The temps never go over 45 according to hwmonitor. I've made my own fan curve yet it seems to not work (when it hits 50 C it should start to run at 35 %).
  12. Ph-gtx1060-3gb. Not the blower one.
  13. So i got a asus gtx 1060 (one fan), it works fine, but in fortnite the fan kicks in cause of the high temp. So i decided to get an aftermarket cooler, yet which one should i get, any help?