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    i5 6600k @4.6 GHz
  • Motherboard
    Asus Maxmius VIII Hero
  • RAM
    2x Trident Z 8Gb @ 3200MHz
  • GPU
    GTX 980 Ti
  • Case
    thermaltake p3
  • Storage
    120 Gb Mushkin reactor, 256Gb cruciall m550, 4tb WD Blue
  • PSU
    Corsair AX 760i
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    kraken x72
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    Pok3r RGB
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    Built- in
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    Windows 10 / Arch

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  1. https://www.kernel.org/doc/html/latest/sound/designs/powersave.html
  2. Distros don't matter that much, only thing that differs is if one's a rolling release vs fixed most of the time. Some tools like package managers are also slightly different. Pick whichever you want.
  3. To keep things short: Much better CPU / IO schedulers. Better filesystem choices. Package management. Lighter footprint. Plethora of DEs and WMs. Ability to patch things yourself. Documentation. No need to treat stuff like a black box anymore. Deploying to a platform you run is easier. No reboots required between updates! Kernel can livepatch. One can also load kernel modules at will. Systemd unit files / crontab comes in really useful to automate the boring stuff out of your life!
  4. i3-gaps and I check out sway from time to time to see if I it's good enough.
  5. People get so butthurt when someone says something bad about the OS their using. Just because you like IOS doesn't mean that the rest of the planet has to agree with you. It suits your use case not everyone on the planet.
  6. Do you have a nvidia card by any chance? Telling us what you're trying to install Linux on would help.
  7. OpenGL is depreciated. it wasn't being updated properly anyways so you might as well avoid gaming on MacOS, otherwise you would be in for a bad time. If you want to play games just run them under Windows or Linux, you can easily dual boot and leave MacOS for "work".
  8. Macs have subpar Linux support, don't grab one with the intention to run Linux because it's not worth the hassle. You should get it if it's free though, just don't run Linux on it.
  9. It's likely converting your filesystem to APFS every time you install it. The real question is why would you use HFS+ when it's one of the worst filesystems on the planet? Unless you're running something with a heavy write workload (like mongoDB, which you should run on a server) then you should be on APFS. I'd argue it's even worth running it on a hard drive because of how bad HFS+ is.
  10. There should be a fallback driver that works on most hardware, Nvidia cards can run but just extremely slowly and with issues. I don't think even Apple is stupid enough to not have a fallback driver (but maybe they are who knows? They always pull the stupidest shit). This is a direct quote from Nvidia:
  11. MacOS does have graphics drivers you just don't need to download them yourself, most of the time. Also unless the drivers provided by Apple are under performing, there should be no reason to switch. If they are slow, just dual boot another OS or something until Apple and Nvidia stop fighting.
  12. Please be more specific, and only post what happens in a distro with a newer kernel. Also blacklist the AMDGPU kernel module for now with module_blacklist=amdgpu.
  13. they are very similar in syntax, but learn 3
  14. Firstly I have a few questions/comments of my own: Can you please show us your mountpoints? Windows is not installed on a ext4 partition, it's on the NTFS one you formatted (oops?) You need to reinstall GRUB: chroot into your system from a live USB. mount both the Linux partition to /mnt and the boot partition to /mnt/boot reinstall GRUB. if you don't know how to install grub for UEFI then use the command below. Keep in mind that --efi-directory is the refers to the directory holding the EFI directory. So in the command below it will install
  15. Wayland DEs tend to have better DPI scaling than X11 (supports setting the DPI per monitor). So I would recommend that instead of the "hacky" X11 fixes.