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  1. I'm planning to buy a CPU soon for gaming, which would be better a i7 7600k or a i7 8700k?
  2. Ok, I'm looking at new contracts right now is 76mbps good?
  3. oh, It gurantee's 3mbps but it says it can go up to 9mbps at a max
  4. I'm not the person that pays but I think like £40/month
  5. I'm going to build a gaming PC soon and I'm planning to get a GTX 1070 for my GPU, but I'm not sure if I should go for a i7 6700k or a i7700k. Which one is better for gaming? Thank you!
  6. What is the best router for high local speeds?
  7. Hello, I've had a 4mbps connection for a pretty long time now, what could I do to make my WIFI speeds higher. I've tried to look for 1Gb wifi contract but they don't support the area I live in.