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    Uk, Down South.
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    Sadism, Crayola.
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    i7 920D0 @3.7ghz
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    Gotta love that satisfying click
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    Hamster #37
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    TV and perfectly fine 24" BenQ under my ottoman bed
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    Hope and Faith
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    Broken G19
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    Broken and partially glued Roccat Kova
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    Just the beautiful sound of case fans
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  1. At the very least you can still buy styrofoam and gasoline.....
  2. Mountain Dew? Hash oil? Engine grease? You've given absolutely no information such as are you using watercooling of any kind etc? I'd recommend cleaning it up with some electronic cleaner, fix it back in, ensure said stuff will not appear again/check case materials and forget about it.
  3. Cooking in high heats generally kills the most severe of bacteria/diseases, I generally eat food I've dropped as long as it isn't a visibly disgusting condition, spore forming bacteria can adapt to resist high heat/cold and a few other conditions and that can make you seriously ill.
  4. A friend of mine ordered an xbox 360 years back when they were still a new thing and they sent two by accident, he kept hush and got away with it.
  5. Regulations and laws don't always matter especially when said regulation is in 'force' such as a policy for not being allowed to bring food into a cinema screening, now everything's happy your nights going well, you have a policy to enforce you notice someone is breaking said policy, only he's a clear foot and a half taller than you and generally looks like someone you don't want to deal with, Probably easier to just let him in.
  6. You've been advised in short, buy at your own risk and don't be surprised if it fails sooner than expected. I'd bite the bullet and spend more money it could cost you less in the long run.
  7. It's usually quiet easy to find a new supplier with better prices, it's just whoever originally set up business accounts never check these things at a later date to see if they should switch to another supplier, plenty of times I've bought equipment for my previous employer out of my pocket and they paid me back the same day, because I found superior and more affordable after fishing around for about three minutes. The problem is most employees don't care because it's not their cash, and usually saving the company you work for money goes unnoticed.
  8. They are terrible and I'm glad to see them gone, however unemployment sucks for those who will be affected.
  9. Not in the best of areas for car insurance I live in the south and found out a few years back that my postal code is deemed one of the safest in Britain by car insurer statistics, any city I get a quote the price of insurance doubles.
  10. I like the BitCoin logos on the PSU, very apt.
  11. Yeah I remember when mining wasn't popular and I could buy new range gtx series cards for $20.
  12. I've got a Corsair HX750 and I've been using it for about 8 years now, it also depends on manufacturing too (many poor ones existed on the market) the first day I held this psu in my hands it felt like a quality bit of kit, I will however upgrade my entire system and switch it out in the future, but I can see myself using it again on another build. People have used much older.
  13. Well I don't have an up to date photo I'll take one soon as I'm in the middle of things, however here it is. Got some new bars to order, some near rear shocks (already have progressives spring for the front) a few other bits and bobs to do.
  14. Made any software changes lately? Ever run CrystalDiskMark? Stock CPU Clock I Take it?