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  1. maybe it refers to the fact that the camera has 3 different sensors inside so needs a prism to separate the light coming through the lens to these 3 snesors
  2. if you play a video that is encoded into hdr and manage to get your video player to play back that video in hdr mode, on a non-hdr capable display the colors will look washed out and pale the consumer displays that claim to support hdr should not be used for producing hdr contentr.
  3. a 10-bit display will be capable of showing more of adobe rgb colors. and in photoshop, if you know how to soft proof colors, it can show you the differencess between a image with srgb and adobe rgb color profiles.
  4. where did you buy the card from? B&H? not sure about those markings, I think I have seen similar markings on other pcb cards from other than blackmagic. i don't know why they are marked write to blackmagic, video record the noise the card makes and put it on youtube perhaps and include the link to the video in the message. complain to them about this problem
  5. someone replacing the fan on a decklink card https://forum.blackmagicdesign.com/viewtopic.php?f=3&t=107148 AND WRITE TO BLACKMAGIC TELLING THEM ABOUT THE FAN, SUBMIT A COMPLAINT
  6. dont get me wrong, their products have improved over the years but their cooling fan choices leaves a lot to be desired. we have a videohub in a rack case that makes a lot of noise. fortunately the rack case is almost completely enclosed with other hardware so the noise is more like a loud whisper when we stand next to the case and a short distance away it is not noticeable. and we are never placing that case near mics or cameras when we use it for production.
  7. in the professional video products world blackmagic is like the budget product manufacturer *wink*, and was reading some forums were people are complaining about them using cheap poorly designed noisy fans some people say they disconnect the fan off their cards and run the hardware fine other people say they look for a replacement fan
  8. let me ask again, have you tried this: disconnecting the fan, the yellow red black cable connected to the white connector? you should contact them asap, they reply within 1-2 days.
  9. this trailer looks like it was made somewhere in the 80s or 90s like some cheap HBO home video
  10. you can check on imdb they normally list the camera and lenses used to film a movie