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  1. Who knows who cares. Go Google it if you want to find out a lot of special filters will end up gathering dust on a shelf or inside a drawer or box
  2. with your m50 camera that has a crop sensor? what do you plan to film with the lens because it may be useful for certain shots but not all shots
  3. Cool. I thought maybe you use them to record major sport events like World Cup or Super Bowl or shows like eurovision in 8K when you say replay 8K signal as is, you mean playback in real time ? the ob truck crew we rent when we need to work with broadcasters we compress the signal but we record in a format less compressed than the signal that goes on air I hate to think the cost of storage for using the recorder to record 2 hours of 8k 60 uncompressed raw Im so happy the 3 week hybrid event we are producing is only in 1080p and the client doesn’t expect us to r
  4. nice, I don’t remember if we yet used any of there products because most of them are purposed to be used in a broadcast studio or ob truck and our studio use blackmagic, aja, sonifex and other brands and we don’t have a ob truck and our broadcast setup is for internet live streaming amd it’s very rare we do productions higher then 4-6K how do you use it?
  5. Our teams’ plan for hybrid event during this times of corporations staff remote working but need to host a convention 4 broadcast cameras 19 ptz cameras 153 computers About 20 webcamera 21 vision mixers various models 1500m optic fibre cable 19 NDI encoder/decoder 100+ Dante audio adapters 5 video producer, 7 camera operators, 9 sound tech, 14 assistants, 30 zoom/teams moderators, 50+ interpreters 8 vmix computer Overall layout of rooms Main ballroom converted to primary event stage
  6. cheap battery for cheap monitor? go ahead but do nbot use these batteries to power cameras or other expensive and delacate equipment that may be sensitve to power instability
  7. I will use canon 5d mk iv camera as example which has a 30megapixel sensor 1 still image from that camera has more resolution than 1 frame from 4K video taken with the camera 1 still frame can be shoot as raw image even if the camera can film video at 120fps if the object is moving very fast 1/240 shuttter speed from 1 frame of video will still have motion blur while 1 photo can be taken with up to 1/8000 shutter speed if the plane is a properller plane and the camera has rolling shutter there may be strange look of how propellers spin in the video so 0 frame from the video may b
  8. the f55, f5 and f65 and now the Venice are there line of cine cameras part of the cinealta range but this is Sony’s internal category of products the fx3 is like and advanced version of the a7siii with certain additional features, the FS5/7 and fx6/9 are hybrid design that can be used for multiple uses like broadcast, live, eng, cine and the f5/55/65 and Venice are design to be dedicated for filming with the Venice, to access all features you need to buy add-on licenses to activate. You don’t get everything out of the box because just buying the camera. A feature w
  9. You need to figure this yourself another way to do manual focus with a manual lens if the lens has accurate distance markers is use a tape measure and mark out distances from the camera if the camera is fixed in a single location all the time
  10. My supplier offers me equipment in advance with up to 30 days delay in payment if we need equipment and cannot pay immediately if your budget is limited look at monitors made by Chinese like feelworld or Ikan or some other, they will not be the same quality as a Smallhd
  11. Smallhd focus is a fantastic monitor if yowant to work you will need to invest in time to find resources and establish connections
  12. Australia has a video production industry, it’s the home of blackmagic, Atomos sand decimator. Where do corporations or video production, event production company’s, indie filmmakers in Australia source their equipment? The shop doesnt have to be in the same town it just has to be somewhere in the region close enough that they can overnight deliver a replacement or rental if it’s urgent https://www.videocraft.com.au/shop https://www.videoguys.com.au https://www.dragonimage.com.au https://www.lemac.com.au https://secure.johnbarry.com.au/film-television-producti
  13. Pro tip: if you really want to work with your camera for paid job avoid ordering essential gear from Amazon. Look for a local professional equipment supplier who can quickly repair or replace any equipment immediately or has rental equipment when you truely need it on a job its ok to buy small adapters and cables from Amazon but any essential equipment must be from a reliable supplier