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  1. Any dslr mirrorless you can afford or soperzoom or compact. Look at all the options that max out the budget just under 1000.00. GoPro Max for the 360 camera?
  2. A few flaws here: 1. the way you've placed the sensors side by side looks more like the cameras are rotated 90 degrees (portrait orientation instead of the normal landscape orientation of sensors), so at max you are getting 19K image if you measure by the horizontal dimension. 19440 x 12288 sensor. 2. If you meant to put the sensors side by side in a landscape format you are getting a very wide format 36K (36684 x 6480) which is a 50:9 image. It just increases horizontal view without increasing vertical view. Projecting that kind of wide screen image onto even the largest imax scr
  3. If you use an external recorder, you still need to sync audio to the video from the camera when editing. Though you can use the internal mic of the camera to record a throwaway track to help sync, if you’re far away from the camera or in a noisy place the internal mics will pick up all the surrounding audio and you may not get a nice waveform to help sync. A wireless mic system will let you be doing whatever you want at a distance from the camera and still record audio to the camera. Or you find a third person to chase you with a camera mounted on a boom pole.
  4. He said his budget is $200, meh is all that’s available at that budget If you have a bit more budget, get the Sennheiser EW G4 or AVX system, they’re more reliable systems and come already with decent mics. there is also the RodeLink wireless lav system that is priced between the Rode Wireless Go and the Sennheiser system https://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/1115091-REG/rode_rodlnk_fm_rodelink_wireless_filmmaker_kit.html
  5. Rode wireless go, is around your budget. You wear the mic and transmitter on your body, the camera holds the receiver https://wirelessgo.rode.com Any really good wireless system is beyond your $200 budget. They are closer to $500-600 at the starting price.
  6. Check out this video where Grant Petty, the owner of BMD, explains how the ATEM Mini Pro ISO works. I made 1 mistake in my earlier explanation. The computer to manage the ATEM Mini doesn't connect via the browser, you are provided with an app for configuring the ATEM Mini which is installed on the computer. But the ATEM Mini and the computer must be on the same network for the computer to detect the device, so your network people need to make sure that the ATEM is not blocked by a firewall or anything else.
  7. For this, ideally you want a PTZ camera. Otherwise, Blackmagic cameras provide compatibility with Blackmagic video switchers and other hardware for "remote" camera control. Best to email Blackmagic and ask which camera and hardware they would recommend. I don't think the ATEM Mini has the interface built in like the more expensive ATEM TV studio for controlling BM cameras. Alternatively, maybe some kind of scissor platform mounted on the ceiling for the camera that you can pull down. Or maybe a heavy duty C-Stand with a long arm and keep the camera as lightweight as possible.
  8. No problem with large capacity SSD drives like 2TB, but buy from a reliable brand. Samsung and G-Tech sells very reliable USB-C ssd drives. You may want to have a couple drives on hand in case the live streaming goes on for hours and the drive fills up. For the audio, go wireless lav then. But make sure it’s a good system. Do not cheap out, budget systems are more susceptible to interference. I understand. Right now I have three clients who are “convinced” to use Zoom for holding their conventions because it’s easy for people to use. You’re welcome, any
  9. Here is how you will connect the cameras to live streaming 4 cameras > HDMI cables (maybe you want 15-20ft cables for the distance between camera and ATEM) > ATEM Mini Pro ISO: From the ATEM Mini Pro ISO you will connect a USB-C based SSD Drive (maybe multiple SSD drives using a USB Hub) for ISO recording Ethernet connection for live stream, as the ATEM Mini has a built in live streaming engine with presets for some services Computer on same network to access the ATEM Mini's setup page on a browser using the IP address of the ATEM Mini For the a
  10. It's better to use an external recorder than PC, and there are some limitations with trying to use 1 PC to record several independent cameras. 1 problem is the capture devices and the other is recording software, if you try to use Premiere to do the recording you can only record from 1 capture device at a time. And you need 1 capture device for each camera. Blackmagic does make a Decklink card (8K Pro) that has 4 SDI inputs, each supporting up to 8K but I don't know if you can capture 4 inputs at the same time. It's better to use an external recorder as you have better independe
  11. You will need to make some changes if you want a 4 camera 2 mic streaming recording setup. Recording is easy, record the video of each camera to their internal memory cards and later in a video editor, synchronize them in a multi-cam timeline. For live streaming, here are a few flaws in your setup. DSLRs have only 1 output for video, the HDMI output. If you attach a monitor to each camera to view what it is filming, you need a monitor that has video loop out. Since you want 4K, you need a monitor loop out that supports 4K. For the 2 microphones, it is be
  12. have you checked resolve preferences, not project preferences, memory and gpu settings
  13. actually its not complicated at lot of it is common sense and a basic understanding of physics i learned photography in grade school and taught myself most of it
  14. just avoid visiting camera shops, forums, magazines/sites, etc. that tempt you into looking at more gear.. or maybe take up another expensive hobby that leaves you very little money left to buy new camera gear.
  15. sensor does not affect zoom of the lens it affects angle of view and depth of field aperture size with related to focal length and focusing distance affects blur behind subjket no idea what your space is what's the lens on b and h? take a course on basics of photography, you look like you need it