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  1. great news, it's now available in canada : https://www.amazon.ca/SilverStone-Technology-Internal-Connector-Type-C/dp/B07R2MH4KV
  2. I would gladly include an additional review if you can provide one! I reviewed what I had purchased.
  3. I know the difference between HDMI 1.4 and 2.0 in terms of supported features, but is there a difference in the pin out or a physical difference on the port that would prevent a motherboard/graphics card manufacturer to develop a driver that would allow support an HDMI 2.0 signal on a previously HDMI 1.4 port?
  4. Turns out... the module kind of acts weird when I use it with my motherboard 12v RGB header with Aura... but when I use my Case's controller effects... it's fine.... soooo... Imma stop using my fans with Aura and just use aura for the LEDs that are underneath the motherboard.
  5. well... that was quick... I found this: https://www.amazon.ca/gp/product/B07QPYSC82/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o00_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1 Rather cheap and I'll update you guys on how it worked for me.
  6. I just got my new RGB fans and didn't realize they were A-RGB while I only have a 12v RGB header on my motherboard and the controller that came with my case (a Be Quiet! Dark Base 700). I've been looking for a 3 pin rgb controller but damn... these manufacturers don't like the users that don't buy only their products... I couldn't find any on my usual Canadian stores, o I am turning to you. Do you know of a USB A-RGB controller (maybe PCIe ?) that would work with Asus Aura, that does not use proprietary connectors and won't cost a kidney or a lung to buy? At this point, just an independe
  7. Yeah probably. Can't help but wish they would address it publicly somehow... the video is still out there and even if their vote ratio is awful, there probably still will be people among their subscribers that will deprecate Linus over that video without even knowing what they are talking about. (*yeah... that's probably an already lost battle)
  8. wow I actually forgot that video loll Still though... They edited out the part they were wrong instead of doing an actual follow up video on that. Almost like the Verge did... EDIT : Also... they didn't really address all the bitching in the original video...
  9. Don't know if it's a potential wan show content, but I fell on this video and was a bit curious First, I was intrigued... I like those guys, they are competent in cinema and VFX matter as well as being charismatic in most of their videos. But seriously, this video looks more like a shitshow to me. The saddest part of the video: when they were proven wrong on their "proprietary SSD being better than generic" point, they just edited it out. They forgot to remove the captions though so you can still see what they said to defend RED's overpriced generic SSD. I am
  10. TLDR (or TLDW) there was a difference. There seemed to have a little more stability from having two PCIe cables instead of having only one cable with a daisy-chained connector. The difference was definitely measurable and noticeable in benchmarks but would result in quite limited performance increase in actual gaming situations.
  11. I was a week ago man!... a week ago...
  12. I was lazy... wanted to click... video was not here... had to stop being lazy so that future guys could be.
  13. I finally pulled the trigger and bought a case with no 5.25 bay... But I have hope I can mod it and 3d print something to fit my all-in-one card reader.
  14. There are more than 15 android phones in the span of a year and only 2 or 3 iPhones. You can't group "many" android phones in an argument like you did. if you compare the iPhone with a bad android phone, you're not saying the android phone is bad, you're saying the iPhone is bad but you could find a worse android phone. If you compared the iPhone with a specific model or even a specific brand, I would consider your argument complete. But the only thing you did is say there are android phones worse than the iPhone without even factoring there prices. The iPhone has a bad reputation for its b
  15. True, but now, you need to compare the iPhone with a relevant phone. with your precision, you're basically saying your argument is either incomplete, or irrelevant... You can't say "Many android phones are bad" and not even include one example in the same price range than the iPhone. Both my XPeria and my G6 were much cheaper and hold their batteries much better than the iPhone 6 my mother uses while having much more useful features (useful for me that is). sure my G6 is newer, but my XPeria M4 was roughly released the same year.
  16. it's what I did in the subject, didn't work... maybe it only works in the comment? Edit : ok... copy paste does not work... Headbang on my desk...
  17. Either the law gets updated, or apple is forced to update their warranty services. Both results would make me happy.
  18. I tend to disagree, I had no issue at all with my Sony XPeria m4's battery or system: the earphone finally broke after the phone was dropped too many times, so I had to switch to an LG G6. If it were not for me being clumsy, I would still use my Xperia.
  19. I would say they don't care at all, but if the customers win, it would be a good kick. Even if they don't, if the news spread, it may eventually end up motivating other provinces or even countries to allow the same, which will certainly make the bell ring someday and force apple to improve on their service or the lifespan of their products.
  20. I agree disk supports are now obsolete, but there are other things you can use that bay for. Even if they are obsolete, I still use my drive to read the DVDs and Blurays I already have. As well as playing old games I bought a physical copy of.
  21. Yeah.... the article is in french... but it's happening in Quebec, so what did you expect?.. Basically, the Quebec Superior Court authorized a class action against Apple. The people who started the procedure evoked (among other things) planned obsolescence and unfair warranty service, which is expensive and has no benefits over the base legal warranty in Quebec. Google translate actually did a pretty got job in making it readable in English, so you can give it a try: https://ici.radio-canada.ca/nouvelle/1226174/cour-superieure-quebec-autorise-action-collective-apple?fbclid=IwAR2