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  1. Cannot try another psu unfortunately but I’m sure it’s not a cpu cause i tried my i7-4790k and the i5-4630T that I had lying around... this was second hand so cannot really test it elsewhere
  2. Already did all that an it happens even on bios the random restart... Can it be my psu or did the mobo just died because of the broken gpu?
  3. Hi, I have a problem with my new Z97-GD65 mobo, I by mistake installed a old broken rx 580 into her and now the motherboard randomly reboots with no error code. My psu might also be busted but it was working fine before I installed the broken GPU could the gpu have broken my mobo? thanks in advance
  4. Tho is it worth it to go B550 when it launches or just wait another year for zen4 (off course i will have to pay a much higher price for ddr5 ram)?
  5. Those were the main reasons on why I was thinking about making the switch also I would only lose support around 2022 when zen4 launches due to ddr5 isnt it?
  6. Budget (including currency): 400 +- € Country: Portugal Games, programs or workloads that it will be used for: Triple A, FPS Games and coding. Other details (existing parts lists, whether any peripherals are needed, what you're upgrading from, when you're going to buy, what resolution and refresh rate you want to play at, etc): I will keep my RX580 8GB and my Power Supply Hello, with the release of the ryzen 3 3300X and the B550 Mobo i was thinking if it would be a good ideia to sell my i7-4790K and my H97 mobo to buy the new b550 mobo and a ryzen 3 3300X. I was thinki
  7. I currently have a h97-hd3 motherboard paired with an i7-4790k 12gb of ddr3 ram. I have a huge issue due to the size of my case/pc which is too big for my personal liking, i was thinking of buying a second hand mATX or mITX board but i cant decide what to choose. I dont overclock so i dont need z97, due to the system being old i just want a size shrink no further upgrades will be done to the system. Is the better option an mITX or and mATX board?
  8. Hello, im buying a new monitor for my rig, i want 144hz and 1ms response time minimum specs, my budget is around 150-200 euros. I have seen gaming curved monitors, is that worth it? (They are a little cheaper) The ones i have seen are : AOC C24G1 - 159.99 Euros; SAMSUNG L24CFG73 - 179.99 Euros; ASUS MG248QE - 199.99 Euros; If you can give me some advice i would apreciate it, im from portugal.
  9. Tried different ram sticks from a good working pc still the same defect One beep every three seconds can't rely on that I think...
  10. So I was changing my GPU to my other desktop (Gtx 750Ti) after removing it and putting the VGA cable on motherboard VGA connector when I turn on the PC I have no image, no post, and every 3 seconds the motherboard bips. I tried other PSU, reconnecting the GPU, all ram slots (one and two sticks), even other CPU a spare i5-4430S that I have. I really need my PC and it won't just post can you guys help me please? Thanks
  11. So I'm a little bit lost on what I should buy next for my build, I have: I7-4790k, 12Gb of Ram, Gtx 750Ti, 2Tb HDD, 240Gb SSD good psu and a medium case. I like Hackintosh very much as I have it dual booted on my PC (High sierra as there are no drivers for 750Ti on mojave and onwards) I have a 200 euro budget for upgrades I was planning on getting a Rx graphic cards and moving to macOS Full time as I only play Cs and rocket league which run well enough on macOS. i would appreciate some suggestions of what to upgrade or if I should just wait for another realease
  12. Hi, I just found a MacBook Pro 15inch from mid 2010 for 170 euros, it's the i7-620m one, it has 500gb of storage, 4gb of ram and a new battery. Is it a good price? I live in Portugal so there aren't many deals out here, also haven't found anything better on eBay. Thanks in advance
  13. I'll take a look, second used market here is complete trash unfortunately but if I get something good
  14. Portugal everything is expensive here :(( No eBay neither Amazon :((