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    chckovsky reacted to nosuchskill in MSI B450i Gaming Plus AC - BIOS not available for download?   
    No, just found out myself.
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    chckovsky reacted to nosuchskill in MSI B450i Gaming Plus AC - BIOS not available for download?   
    at the moment the MSI websites of every country are loading very slowly and no motherboard has any downloads.
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    chckovsky reacted to RodrigoRS in pc not stable with memory oc rated speeds   
    Not necesarilly. I thing the B450 Tomahawk has T-topology so, if he is using dual channel right, doesn't matter if it's A1-B1 or A2-B2.
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    chckovsky reacted to Mesmus in pc not stable with memory oc rated speeds   
    Yes i have checked mobo manual and the preferred slots are 2 and 4
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    chckovsky reacted to TVwazhere in 9900KS in October (and other Intel news)   
    All these extra suffix's on existing CPU SKU's make me wanna 9900KMS
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    chckovsky reacted to seee the state im in nooow in [mini] But how much of your Excel file do you not want to be Raytraced?   
    source: https://github.com/s0lly/Raytracer-In-Excel
    via: https://www.pcgamer.com/the-latest-thing-to-support-ray-tracing-is-excel-apparently/
    yeah. if the talk of "how all digital images are essentially a spreadsheet" isn't amazing enough, someone plugged in the raytracing algorithm into some excel cells
    probably doesn't serve any purpose outside of an exercise in messing about in Excel, but it's probably a better demonstration (for those familiar with an office-advanced level of excel) to explain that the shader is still (in its very core) an equation/function.
    personally I'm not good enough to talk about shaders at the base level (i.e. equations/functions/etc), but this still tickles my nerd fancy o_o
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    chckovsky reacted to LienusLateTips in Gtx 980 msi gaming 4g and a Corsair gs700   
    Don't buy it. It's a old group regulated design. Get a CX550.
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    chckovsky reacted to ZXR in 1080 ti VS 2070 super   
    Dont really see any reason to buy an rtx card as an upgrade from a 1080ti unless you are going for a 2080ti. RTX support is lame atm so I would definitely wait.
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    chckovsky reacted to Medicate in Scratched the back of my motherboard - RAM slots 3 and 4 dead   
    I don't think those traces are easily repairable.

    Dual channel ram isn't that important for gaming and those traces only connect to the ram, this shouldn't affect he PCIe slots.
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    chckovsky got a reaction from AVSHedgehog in I need your opinion   
    Wattage-wise it's probably overkill, and it has decent quality. ...but depending on your location, you should be able to get better alternatives for around the same price.

    EDIT: RGB memory is not a good priority. For Ryzen, go Samsung B-die or go home (3200MHz CL14 is always B-die, and not much more expensive than "normal" RAM).
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    chckovsky reacted to Vejnemojnen in Which ram is better for my RYZEN 2600x   
    any other options? 
    3200mhz CL16 is Good, fine, reasonable!
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    chckovsky got a reaction from SooWhat in RX570 sapphire pulse vs nitro   
    The cooler is better and a bit bigger on the Nitro +, but the Pulse is sufficient in most cases (pun intended). The VRM is also a bit different but for air cooling, either would be more than sufficient.Stock frequency is likely also a bit higher on the Nitro+.
    Certain vendors bin their chips (MSI had the same PCB for certain Armor and GamingX 10-series models and put the better cooler on the higher clocking chips), but I haven't seen anything that suggests that Sapphire does this. You might still achieve a higher max frequency (both OC and stock) with the Nitro+ because of voltage-frequency and power limit settings on the Nitro+, but the actual differences should be minimal.
    These things  _can_ also be customized with a BIOS mod, but you really shouldn't do that unless you have Dual BIOS on your card (if your custom BIOS doesn't work, you can switch to the other BIOS, if BIOS fails on a single BIOS card the card is bricked until you can reload a working BIOS). This is the only truly useful advantage of the nitro+ over the Pulse; the dual BIOS capabilities.

    But... While Dual BIOS capabilities are cool, most of us will only ever touch the frequency slider or possibly the power limit slider... Which are both available through OC software like MSI Afterburner, or Radeon settings. Radeon settings even have voltage-frequency settings available, with no BIOS modding required.
    TLDR; Either are fine if your airflow is fine and you don't care about BIOS modding and absolute max OC, Pulse is fine. It's a question of // Æ S T H E T I C S // , and if your case/room/country is hot, cooling capabilites.
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    chckovsky reacted to Origami Cactus in Should I get a new RX570 or a used RX580?   
    Also try to avoid MSI armor, get any Sapphire card instead. XFX cards are also better than MSI armor.
    Sapphire Pulse should be the same price.
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    chckovsky reacted to lewdicrous in Size of clean 1903 Windows install   
    Around 30 GB or so.

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    chckovsky got a reaction from Creed1 in How can I increase fps for gta 5?   
    I'm not qualified for this, but it would be easier for others to help if you stated what your current settings are, what your current average FPS is, and what hardware you use.
  16. Funny
    chckovsky reacted to Srnewbee in 9700k stuttering in games: hardware issue?   
    Not too sure about that buddy. Frame inconsistencies happen when the settings are too high to prevent 0.1% or 1% FPS drop. 
    Its not the RAM's fault. Everything is AOK.
    Here is the answer man. Your settings are too high...OMG doesn't make sense right? You have a 2080 and a 9700k. I am afraid that is not beefy enough to run AC at 144 consistently. Use Riva tuner and cap it to perhaps 90FPS. I assure you that your frametime will be very consistent. In order to achieve consistent 144fps at 1440 rez, you would need to get a 2080ti. I am sure your computer can pull off 144fps+ on older games but for newer and more taxing ones, expecting a  consistent 144fps is difficult. If you lower the res to 1080, you might be able to hit consistent 144.
    I've noticed that you are using a 3200 RAM.. what are the timing on these? Is the XMP on? A 3200mhz does not mean that it is faster than 2666. True speed of ram is FREQUENCY/ CAS. So your 2666 may have been faster. Make sure the number comes out to 200+. A good cas for 3200 would be 16 or less. Yes, having faster rams does prevent frame drops.
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    chckovsky got a reaction from ManosMax13 in My monitor is of 144hz and cannot support it coz it doesn't have dp port   
    Later revisions of HDMI can support HDMI. So unless your cable and GPU are old, I don't see why you would have that problem.
    What hardware are you running? What's in your computer these days?

    EDIT: OH MAN That was a total brainfart I meant later revisions of HDMI can support 1080p@144Hz., hahah
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    chckovsky reacted to ManosMax13 in My monitor is of 144hz and cannot support it coz it doesn't have dp port   
    Ik that later versions of HDMI can support HDMI XD ?.
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    chckovsky reacted to Jurrunio in Why is my RAM speed is slower than advertised?   
    Use CPU-Z, far more accurate than say Task Manager or Speccy or even HWmonitor (though I dont think HWmonitor can read these kind of things)
  20. Informative
    chckovsky reacted to LukeSavenije in [OLD] PSU Tier List 3.0 (Legacy)   
    dagger sfx, focus sfx (doesn't have focus related problems from what I've seen), and the sfx l seems decent too
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    chckovsky got a reaction from dfsdfgfkjsefoiqzemnd in How many extra fans?   
    IMO you don't need _additional_ fans. The three that come with it are enough, three fans seems to be the sweet spot in most scenarios.
    However, you may want to get RGB fans, quieter fans, faster fans etc. I'd recommend keeping the stock ones until you've decided what you actually need.
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    chckovsky got a reaction from Exaco in Wraith Stealth vs HYPER 103   
    I'd estimate the hyper 103 to be a slightly better cooler.
    However, make sure you have the right mounting hardware. The 103 looks old, meaning it may not have support for AM4 mounting. (according to CMs site it is NOT compatible with the AM4 socket)
  23. Informative
    chckovsky reacted to WoodenMarker in How many extra fans?   
    The stock case fans should already be enough. I recommend testing for load temps before deciding on whether or not to get new fans. 
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    chckovsky got a reaction from WoodenMarker in Cheapest CPU that can achieve 5GHZ all cores| EDIT: available first hand   
    How come?

    i3 8350K/9350K is basically an i5 7600k but with higher propabiblity of better overclocks. Those are much better value than i3 7350K, which is two cores only. My 8350K did hit 5 GHz.
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    chckovsky got a reaction from Origami Cactus in Cheapest CPU that can achieve 5GHZ all cores| EDIT: available first hand   
    In your OP it only says 5GHz, nothing about cores. Can't blame a wrong answer if the question isn't right.

    But IMO, for modern games you need 4 cores with hyperthreading or 6 or more cores. 8600K is probably a much better gaming cpu than 8350K/9350K, even if it doesn't quite hit 5GHz.