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  1. Hey everyone, Looking to try and clean up my pc gaming area and make it less cluttered by not having cords stretched all over, what would be the best USB hun to accomplish this? I play a lot of FPS games so having my mouse or keyboard plugged in wouldn't mess anything up would it as far as latency?
  2. everything looks like it would be pretty good, but ijust bought a 3800x for $339 so i'm not sure where you got your prices , here is the link for that ( https://www.amazon.com/AMD-Ryzen-3800X-16-Thread-Processor/dp/B07SXMZLPJ/ref=sr_1_1?keywords=3800x&qid=1581630830&sr=8-1 ) good luck in your build, you didn't specify how much ram but if it is 8gb or higher you should be good
  3. Any update on this? Curious if you ended up going forward with this project
  4. Ended up just buying a tiny monitor from the thrift store, allowed unattended access for my buddy with team viewer lol. overall cost: $14
  5. Yea i just know how to set those up lol since i work for an MSP and setup watchguards all the time, just wasn't sure if i bought one used on ebay how that worked with havin the mobile SSL VPN feature they have ( which i love) but i'm definitely open to trying pfsense, since i do see it is free and free is good.
  6. i think its just lack of knowledge on why i didn't wanna go this route. in essence i just wanna be able to give my buddy access to our game server from his house with out teamviewer. I might need to look up some guides for PFsense
  7. I literally set these up all the time for clients, you'd think i know lol but i found good deals on ebay., but i knew it wouldn't be as simple as pluggint it in and going
  8. Hey guys, I had a quick question about adding a physical firewall to my home network. At work we put a firewall in a small business and with like sonic wall you have 5 licenses to give out for VPN into that network. I want to buy a used either sonic wall or watch guard t-10 or t-15. Would I need to buy some sort of license to get this to work? I'm not 100% how to go about this and the support people i contacted have not responded and it's been a few days. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  9. Lol thank you, always wanna get that 2nd 3rd and 58th opinion on things before i commit to it. But i think i should be fine with what i have its literally gonna be 1 game at a time being ran. when my current PC is idle and running ark server manager i barley hit 8% so this should be ok
  10. Yea im not looking to spend $800 on a new CPU, im just gonna change the case and the storage. I want to keep it between $700-900
  11. overkill is what I want lol, the pc i have now is i7-7820x , 2080ti, 64gb ram, 2x m.2 1tb, and i mainly play runescape and csgo or ark. I just wanna make sure I'm getting something decent to overkill so i dont have to worry about it for awhile. I've never done an AMD build so this is why i have so many questions, but it came recommended
  12. some of them are K2000s and the other is w7000 firepro, they were pulled out of machines that had windows 10 on them already, so i think i might go with this build minus that case, kinda wanna get something a tad bigger
  13. yea, I planned on not getting a GPU since i have ones from an old client PC rebuild I did they are old GPUs used in CAD machines, shoudl be good enough to put a display on a monitor lol hows the rest of it look though?
  14. So the plan right now is i have 5 military buddies, we play the same game for a couple months and go on to another and eventually get back to the starting one.. right now its ARK. i been running it on my gaming pc which is more overpowered for anything than it needs.. but i had a crash error today and i don't wanna keep running this one 24/7. Would you say the build i have is good enough for 1 game at a time?
  15. minecraft probably wont even be one of the servers it was more an example, right now im running servers on my gaming pc. i7-7820x ,2080ti, 64gb ram, 1000w psu.. and when playing ark and hosting the server i get about 30% cpu usage and when streaming at the same time its about 55% which is why i figured the 8 core ryzen 7 would be enough since im using 8 cores now