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  1. So you're telling me that if i change the sticks ill be able to change it?
  2. I bought a Vivobook s14 with a R7 4700u and the default vram is 512mb... I searched every little settings menu and I tried some third party apps but I still cant change it. I tried in the BIOS and it won't let you change it. It's very irritating because usually the GPU spikes to 99% usage and the CPU is chilling at around 30-40%. Am I going to be stuck with 512mb of vram or is there a way to change it? Can I use some other version of the BIOS or something?
  3. I know lga775 is an old socket. BUT gramps might have something to show for himself. Soooo... Come up with the best lga 775 rig you can think of. Might be a budget one or perhaps a "high end" one. Your choice.