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  1. My friend asks me to help him fix his wifi card.
    I give him advice and tell him it is probably his router.
    He uninstalls his drivers.
    He gets mad at me for giving him the link to the driver downloads page.
    He is to stupid to figure out how to click download.

    He downloads the drivers onto his chromebook.
    He realizes he doesn't have any flash drive or android phone or any usb transferring device.
    He starts whining how his pc is ruined.
    He somehow doesn't own an ethernet cable?

    Since helped him build it I am now his tech support and he can't google things.

    Why do I bother?

  2. Fun fact, people will pay roughly $80+shipping for old 2U rack mount server cases with somewhat standard mounts. I was able to pick a few up with parts (granted they were quite obsolete 2004-2006) for $5 a piece.  I was blown away that they were worth that much but money is money!

  3. While it is the better card, your assertion that AMD and Nvidia perform worse together was false.
  4. I have completely mixed hardware in all of my systems and have run into no issues.
  5. I just realized your profile picture is Trotsky, that is pretty cool.

    1. Tristerin


      No matter what photo I find of him, he has quite the intense stare/look.  You are also the first person to recognize him by name, whereas I had someone accuse me of being a commie for having that photo, but they actually didn't say who it was :)

  6. I use a 32 inch monitor and it is great!
  7. Not for a refund or replacement, just to repair the potato board.
  8. To be fair he has a mid-range build that is using a 3600 with no OC. I shouldn't have went with this board though, MSI can go to hell.
  9. I am building a PC with my friend and when we had it built it would power on, not a single fan or LED powered on (I tested every other component in some of my personal builds). Newegg doesn't accept returns of the board so we are kind of screwed. We contacted MSI for a refund and they said that we could only get it repaired, not even just a replacement. This is just awful, they wont even pay for shipping on a product that they made a mistake on. Is their any way to circumvent Newegg's policy or are we stuck with a crappy board? Do you need the +4 Pin EPS connector to post on this board? Th
  10. I would just go with this one: https://www.amazon.com/ADATA-SU635-3D-NAND-Internal-ASU635SS-240GQ-R/dp/B07PLNNDL2/ref=sr_1_2?keywords=240gb a400&qid=1568601615&s=electronics&sr=1-2&tag=linus21-20
  11. Jesus, okay there is nothing inherently bad but Adata has been around for quite a while and has decent customer support. I am just giving my advice, get the cheaper and more established product. I'm not trying to get in a rap battle with you about "TcSunBow". Sorry?
  12. I haven't bought many cheap SSDs and many of these Chinese ones are quite unreliable from my experience. It would just make a lot more sense to buy a name brand one such as this one: https://www.amazon.com/ADATA-SU635-3D-NAND-Internal-ASU635SS-240GQ-R/dp/B07PLNNDL2/ref=sr_1_2?keywords=240gb+a400&qid=1568601615&s=electronics&sr=1-2 which is cheaper and name brand.
  13. I would just go with a trusted brand, most of these cheap ones will be just as slow as an hdd.
  14. If you put it on top making it expel air, it will make your GPU cooler but your CPU warmer. If you put it as in intake, it will make your CPU cooler and your GPU warmer.
  15. I accidentally locked out I file with the only account I have on this PC, I can't even edit or delete it! Is there a way to reset the permissions?