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  1. I read on an article that the reason Apple products don’t have the features of expandable anything and that whatever you buy is what you get, at least without prying something open. The reason is that (Apple said this) “our goal is for people to have everything they’ll ever need in the product as soon as they open the box. We want all the memory you will ever need and all the ram you’ll need right out of the box.” Go read the article for anymore exact details. If you have to go buy a microSD card for the phone and then change the Save location of phone content accordingly, that’s not “Apple-like”. Apple wants people to have all they need as soon as they take of the product box lid. So: iPhone X 256GB. MacBook Pro Retina 15inch Max RAM max storage. 


    As as for me, I’ll take a Galaxy S8 any day. Only thing I’ll regret in Apple products  is the select software features (and stereo speakers that are not in the S8 or S8 Plus)including iOS 11 screen recording and iMessage, Mac’s iMessage and calling when paired with iPhone, iPad picture in picture.