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  1. Thx you all a lot for helping, I found the sneaky culprit of the problem. I resetted the BIOS and the base speed is back to the rated 3.7 GHz and was all cores at 4 GHz ish under load. After that, I did an reset, and activated PBO, the auto optimal, XMP and all the regular stuff and it back to being stuck at 4.2. In the end it was the Auto Optimal setting in the Asus BIOS that automatically set a fixed clock speed. After doing another reset and activating everything except Auto Optimal, its working better than I could ever ask for
  2. I dont have Ai Suite or Ryzen master installed
  3. That's what I m thinking too, the fact its fixed should mean that it's manually set. However, I didn't change anything of sort and I don't know which BIOS setting govern that
  4. mine is always maxing at 4.2 no matter how hard the load, also the voltage is worrying low
  5. I did install the chipset but I don't see the AMD Ryzen Balanced option in my Power Options
  6. I also realized that under load the CPU is only at 1.087V and seem to be capped, is there any setting in BIOS that govern this
  7. I just made sure that its in fact installed, I already ran a bunch of cinebench for long period before and the temp tops around 60ish when the clock speed at 4.2. Also, is it normal the hardwareinfo report 1600mhz ram when windows shows 3200mhz (I have it set to 3200 in the BIOS)
  8. A. its a Seasonic Gold GX850 B. It is C. I know that H80i really isn't optimal for a 5900x, however its maxing out at around 60 so I think it should be able to go higher D. PSO is already enabled
  9. Hello there, I just recently upgraded to a Ryzen 5900x and a x570 board. Without any change to the BIOS, the CPU ran at 4.2 GHz. However, no matter what I did after, the top clock speed was always stuck at 4.2 GHz. I tried PSO and Ryzen master and absolutely nothing happens. My spec: 5900x EVGA 1080 FTW Asus TUF x570 plus with the most recent BIOS 4 x 6gb 3200Mhz TridentZ H80i (the temp peaked around 60 at 100% load at 4.2Ghz)
  10. pretty much everything, i m use 4790k at 4.5Ghz, 1080 ftw no oc, on a kingston ssd
  11. havent being able to fix so thats why i m asking is i should get a 8700k or wait for ryzen 2
  12. just reset my pc yesterday, still the same issue