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    Ç̶R̴Ì̵§̶þ̷¥̷ Ä̵R̴§̷Ö̴ñ̴Ì̸§̸†̴#0196
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    Issue resolving, Overclocking, Photography, Streaming, Gaming
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    Hi, I'm Charlie! If you're wondering why "issue resolving" is one of my hobbies, here's the explanation; I have diagnosed disabilities and I want everything that I can make perfect, perfect.
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    Tim Hortons Employee


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    Core i3-9100f
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    16GB 3200Mhz corsair
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    GTX 1660 Super OC
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    Fractal Design Core 1100 Black M-ATX
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    120GB Kingston SSD 2TB Seagate 7200RPM
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    EVGA 500w 80+ White
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    Intel stock cooler
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    Blackweb generic mechanical keyboard
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    Logitech G300s
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    Windows 10

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  1. How much do you guys reckon I could get for my i3-9100f and gigabyte B365M DS3H r1.0 on the used market?
  2. So as per my last post, I was thinking of upgrading to an i5 9400f but I've got a bit more cash than expected. So I was thinking of switching from my i3-9100f to something with 6 cores for streaming (With NVENC) I also want the ability to overclock. I have lots of experience with only 1st and 3rd gen Ryzen hardware, but not 2nd, and my motherboard doesn't support overclocking, so I was wondering I should go Ryzen 5 2600 (1600af is never available here) with a new motherboard or should I get an i5 9600k and save a few bucks, then upgrade my motherboard in the future? Soon I will also be getting
  3. Alrighty. 9700f it is. I feel it would also be better for future upgrades tbh. And yea, I can't imaging not using NVENC. x.264 would be a big oof to my performance. But even with NVENC (The newer one) I see a noticeable FPS loss in games; So it's an obvious CPU bottleneck.
  4. So I built my PC back in January with an i3-9100f and gtx 1660 super because they were just supposed to play Modern Warfare and CS:GO. Those games still run fine, but I recently started streaming regularly, and we can all guess how that's working out with those parts. So I'm looking to only upgrade the CPU, but honestly based on what I've seen, I'm not sure if the i5-9400f I want to upgrade to is good enough. Would the i7-9700 be a better option for the extra $100? Or should I just wait it out a bit until prices go even further down?
  5. You probably can run the display, but if you plan on heany gaming, on that gpu with that display won't run quite as some would expect. What you're using it for should be fine, as long as it's not a PC melter like Crysis 3
  6. I messed with some bios settings and it never goes below 4Ghz while gaming or under heavy loads. Is that what it should be?
  7. It won't boot at the 2533 MHz config and with memory odd ratio disabled, 24 system memory multiplier and 133 ref clock only goes up to 2400 mhz
  8. I3 9100 f. GTX 1660 super. G.skill ripjaws 2x8gb 3200 MHz Gigabyte b365m DS3H It should support a max of 2666 and not 2533, as far as I can tell.
  9. It only lets me get up to 2533MHz, not 3200 I tried XMP enabled / disabled, 100 and 133 memory ref clock, Max multipier is 25.33, memory odd ratio enabled / disabled / auto. No combination is working.
  10. It does support atx PSUs but they're expensive here
  11. I know it supports an arc psu, but they're expensive where I live