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  1. it would depend in your mb pins does it have 3 pin or 4 pin if not you need a hub and normaly there remote and there 3 pin and 4 pin check what pins you have on your mb first...
  2. i had the same issue i had to tape it down but get the scew when you can if it comes out while your p[c is booting you could look your OS the issue is if it comes out so its on you bro...
  3. hello guys i was wondering what is the best cpu i have a z270 asus tuf mk2 mb whats the best 7th gen cpu i can get i have a i5 7500 ...
  4. hello people i would like to know where to get a good gpu cooler for a gtx1070ti msi armour what would be good at around £80 or $100 it doesnt get that hot 73 max but its warming the case up and i dont like it iv looked on a few sites and its mostly just RTX cards....ps.. liquid cool preferably..
  5. well iv upgraded my case from a normal case to a newer one with better air flow i have a no name psu right now and will be upgrading my psu i have a..... i5 7500..... 2x 8gb DDR4 (16gb) 2400mhz ram....Asus z270 tuff mk2 ...Asus Cerberus GTX1050 TI Advanced 4GB......... 128gb ssd .....2tb and a 1tb HHD .. should i get a 750w ? or will i be fine with a 500w ??? my new case is below Aerocool Cylon PC Gaming Case, Mid-Tower ATX, RGB,
  6. it gets stuck at bios and have to press f8 to get it to boot an it either boots or it shows a hardrive list an have to pick one to boot from
  7. can you pls help as it my girl freeind who having this issue im in the uk she in usa right now so cant help to much if you can figger this out it would be awesome thanx...
  8. when i restart my pc 8 times out of 10 i get this and my stats are https://valid.x86.fr/0wg92j
  9. yes m8 il take a pic on my phone but will do that in a few hours as have to get some sleep will you be around later or tomorrow even would be awesome if you could help il try the battery thing aswell an let you know how that goes ..?
  10. when i restart my pc it starts up with out issues but when i shut it down when i go to bed etc. when i restart my pc up again i get a blue screen and all it says is that there was a problem when shutting the pc down what could this be please help i only built this pc 3 months ago i put it together from scratch is my first gaming build.. asus tuf z270 mk2 16gb ram 2x 8gb i5 7500 GTX1050 ti PSU Silence 500w ATX ACO M2470SWH 24inch
  11. ok bro thanx would it change anything if i said i normaly have these running at the same time i also download torrents and use dual screen?
  12. hiya guys an girls would love some input from you ppl i would like to know how much ram i should go for i play triple A games and download and browse and sometimes have a movie running etc. would 16gb of ddr4 be enough ?
  13. thanx for your help guys i have a question im sure this isnt the right place but not sure where to go ask this im upgrading my girls pc she talking about getting another 16gb of ram on top of the 8gb she alrdy has iv told her 16gb is enough for gaming browsing and watching movies and downloading etc. an she may do or have all these up at one time but i said 16gb of ddr3 is plenty i have 16gb of ddr4 and i dont get even close to using all of the ram and use my pc for the same things an do the same ....what do you think guys ?