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  1. Yes, with their dreadful rainbow flags and menacing blue haired devil worshipers. Don't forget the overweight cookie monsters, lest you wanted to keep your freedom limbs. /s (I know I didn't to add the s/ at the end, but quite a few people on YouTube, especially the younger ones, would eat it up)
  2. Whats the goal behind including "social justice" in the title? You stated earlier that it's a "reasonably neutral" term, then it should be, following your logic, no different than saying "white American man/woman is ...", which is quite silly, unless used in a more clinical context (the police force, healthcare, ect...) This thread will probably get locked since the undertone behind it is very political, and the mods are in a somewhat of a tricky position. I don't understand the need to use an anti-sjw tone just for a few clicks and likes from people, seems very juvenile and counte
  3. My good man, you usually post pretty reliable sources. You dropped the ball on this one, Veritas is as trustworthy/reputable as Alex Jones/WCCFTech for news/information. Did you get hacked or something?
  4. To be certain, the choice is quite difficult. Having to choose between censoring people in order to ensure the cohesiveness and well-being of society or letting misinformation ran rampant because it's freedom of speech, I think that tells you something. That we're reaching some sort of a limit in terms of our approach. That the problem may need to be dealt with in ways that may be very uncomfortable. Either that or we start thinking of solutions that are out of our technological/legal/philosophical reach right now.
  5. Completely agree. I genuinely don't know how you can get those people to trust those institutions again.
  6. Riddle me this: - Suppose that we live in a world where facts no longer matter to people who feel as though they're onto something not many people know. - Suppose that that a large segment of society is comprised of those people. - Suppose those people also unquestionably believe in their dear leader, that they will never doubt them under any circumstances. - Suppose that the health of the general populace is impacted to a noticeable degree by the aforementioned segment of non-science believers. Now realize that we don't really have to suppose what I prev
  7. One of the very rare times that I would actually side with a tech giants. I'm not convinced by the censorship argument simply because your freedom ends when it starts with another person. Put differently, take this analogy as an example: + Create rules to limit people's freedom when driving so that they aren't reckless on the roads and cause injury. = Your freedom is limited to ensure the survival of others and cohesiveness of society as a whole. I understand people have good intentions when they approach the censorship topic, but sometimes they miss the trees fr
  8. We're gonna start seeing scalpers scalping scalpers
  9. Ryzen 5000 reviews are out, will update as reviews continue to come in. Gamers Nexus (5950X): Gamers Nexus (5900X): Gamers Nexus (5800X): Gamers Nexus (5600X): Linus Tech Tips: JayzTwoCents: Hardware Unboxed (5950X): Hardware Unboxed (5900X): Hardware Canucks: Paul's Hardware: Bitwit: Level1Techs: Tech YES City: Der8
  10. AMD is finally announcing its acquisition of Xilinx: In case you are wondering what Xilinx is, they define themselves on their website as " the inventor of the FPGA, programmable SoCs, and now, the ACAP." AMD also announced their revenue for 2020 Q3: Thoughts: AMD has went from a company on the brink of bankruptcy to making a $35 billion dollar deal. Quite a feat considering the competition, market conditions and, well, human malware at the moment. Will the future continue to be bright for AMD? Well,
  11. This made my blood boil a lot more than I expected. Imagine if iconic titles like New Vegas or San Andreas/NFS MW 2005 were never made because of fuckery like this. Man I hate Bethesda so much right now.
  12. As always, take this with a grain of salt. The reason being is that this is only one sample, therefore the margin of error is quite significant. Having said that, according to PassMark's webpage for Single Threaded CPU charts, the 5600X is now at the top of the chart, with a score of 3,495: While I am somewhat skeptical, mainly due to the lack of 3rd party reviews and the small number of samples tested, I am quite excited by this news. I am particularly interested in the implications that these results have on real world gaming applications or s
  13. "Instruction per cock uplift" well, that certainly is interesting Edit: yes I know they misspoke, just thought it was funny
  14. Exactly. The more I read their response, the more it starts to feel like someone panicked and typed in whatever their already panicked supervisor told them to type.
  15. It seems like MSI is doing damage control and they know their backs are stuck to the wall. Where we go from here is anybody's guess.
  16. What kind of slapping is Nvidia capable of doing to MSI? This is a bit of a first I think, but my history on these things is a bit lacking.
  17. Sony just revealed the prices and dates for the digital and Disk versions for the PS5. The console will first launch in the U.S, Japan, Canada Mexico, Australia, New Zealand and South Korea on the 12th of November. The rest of the world will be able to obtain the PS5 on the 19th of November. My thoughts I am actually a bit surprised by the pricing. The SSD performance coupled with Zen 2, RDNA 2 and Sony's PS5 software should make for a very compelling piece of hardware, at least when compared against the XBOX Series X at the revealed price points. What do
  18. This was reported on reddit as well as Twitter: This was also reported on Blizzard forums to which a moderator responded by saying: A gaming website reported on it and stated the following: Apparently, some people cannot even delete their accounts even after following proper procedures because of their geographical location. This is from a Reddit user belonging to the thread I linked above Thoughts: Very troubling. I am unsure on as to what Blizzard is planning. I have never seen this kind of behavior befor
  19. They're in too deep. Practically impossible to make them see their cognitive dissonance. Being nice to one another isn't "cool" these days. You make a comment about it and people accuse you of censoring. Gonna digress a bit here, but I genuinely think people should spend 1 year in Japan to get a different perspective on how the world works. Harmony, humility and being good to others regardless of how close/distant you are is the minimum. The West can't seem to figure that part out yet.
  20. -Good "value", but not revolutionary (not Anthony's words, but my sentiment from watching his review). About a few years ago, nVidia released the Titan xp. Reviewers rightfully complained because even though there was progress, it was confusing in terms of marketing for the consumers and it was released shortly after the release of the other pascal Titan (which, again was confusing for customers, but more importantly, unfair for those who just picked up a pascal titan). This isn't the case for the Super series (putting the arguably meh name aside), at least in terms of "progress."
  21. Quantitatively and qualitatively your argument falls flat because I gave 3 good reasons why its a good card from watching LTT vs 1 average and 2 bad reasons. Seems like you just wanna a pick a fight where there is none to pick. Literally the only person to comment on this. Literally in the same quote: (not Anthony's words, but my sentiment from watching his review). I trust Steve from GN (who actually has professional technical experience on this stuff) more than a random elitist wannabe from the internet, thank you very much.
  22. I'm still watching reviews and building my opinion. But it seems to be somewhat of a slight let down? Will update as I go