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  1. I don't know I'm from the AU and I'm pretty sure thats in AUD
  2. I don't have the cash for an rmx one but I'll get the semi modular one
  3. are you sure its not just stating what you can use to connect to it rather then what comes in the box? because it would suck if it didn't come with one and I had to order one and wait for it to arrive. Corsair because I trust that brand the most.
  4. I'd like a corsair 650w. for this monitor AOC AGON AG271QG 27in G-Sync 165Hz IPS Gaming Monitor does it come with its own display port cable or do I have to buy one separately?
  5. ok thanks I think I will get the corsair semi modular gold 650w psu then.
  6. How about the corsair TX650M? is there any difference between bronze and gold other then the power efficiency? do you know what the difference between fully modular and semi modular is? thanks for all your help so far its been great. I think I will finalize all my parts and order in around 2 days.
  7. Ok 8th gen it is then. that means my parts list will be mostly the same as what I showed you before. I did change the psu to a corsair 650w non modular bronze for only A$105. one question. When I look at the supported ram speeds on my motherboard one of them is 2667mhz what if I were to change to corsair 2666mhz ram? would I have to under clock my ram to 2400mhz? or overclock it. I think I will stick to 3000mhz ram but I was just wondering.