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  1. My friend asked me on which laptop he should buy for his animation class. it's between OMEN by HP 15-dc1111tx and OMEN by HP 15-dc1077tx. The 111tx use i7-9750H and GTX 1660 ti while the 1077tx use i5-9300H and RTX 2060. He's a casual gamer, and don't play many esports games.
  2. If i change the mode from all core to per ccx, are there any performance difference even if i don't OC it? Specs: Ryzen 5 3600 B450 TOMAHAWK MAX
  3. Alright, i asked the seller for a replacement or a refund
  4. My B450 Tomahawk Max has just arrived, and after i check, the sata ports was bent, but i think the pin was not broken. Should i returned this or just correct it myself?
  5. A week ago, this article said that there wll be a price increase in SSDs and RAMs, https://hexus.net/business/news/components/132785-nand-flash-dram-chip-prices-may-rebound-shortly/ But couple days ago, they said that RAM prices will decline around 42 per cent until Q2 2020(expected), https://hexus.net/business/news/components/132971-gartner-dram-glut-will-cause-42-per-cent-price-decline-year/ Should i get RAM and SSD now, or should i wait until the prices decline even more?
  6. I wanted to build a gaming and streaming pc this September, but recently bitcoin prices start rising again. Should i wait until used GTX 1060 or new GTX 1660 becomes cheaper, or should i buy a RX 570 now?
  7. They sold it around IDR 2.000.000 which is IDR 500.000 cheaper than the new RX 570. And most of them said that they used it only for gaming, not mining.
  8. The RX 480 cost the same as the GTX 1660, i guess that's because after the cryptocurrency crash, people are more likely to buy the 500 series, so the seller just kept selling the RX 480 at that price
  9. I already have a Seasonic FX-750, so i won't be upgrading the PSU for a decade or more if possible
  10. Yeah, the RX 570 8GB only cost about IDR 2.500.00 and the cheapest new GTX 1060 6GB is around IDR 3.700.000, the used one is around IDR 3.100.000
  11. I'm still waiting for the ryzen 5 3600 to be released
  12. Because the rx 580 used more than 300 W, and my house only support just 400 W more, and if any of the electronic get a sudden peak voltage, my house could go blackout. That's why i'm maxing out to rx 570
  13. Should i buy the rx 570, or the second hand gtx 1060, or wait for the release of Navi. I've just watched this video recently Which makes me think that the rx 570 is as close as beating the gtx 1060 or even beat it already. The gtx 1060 used to have better performance than the 570, and also has a lower power consumption, but i still tolerate the power consumption of the rx 570, but not the rx 580. I'm not going to spend more than IDR 3.300.000 so the choices are new rx 570 or second hand gtx 1060. And also should i wait for the upcoming Navi GPU?
  14. I'm going to build a pc soon, probably will wait until ryzen 3rd gen came out