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    Intel Core i5-4460 @3.30 Ghz
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    ASRock h97 Pro4
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    4x8 Gb CL9 Kingstone HyperX Fury @1600
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  1. The exact same thing is happening here...
  2. I agree, at least in the beginning. Eventually everyone should be vaccinated tho
  3. This might change in the future, since consoles are more similar to RX cards. We'll have to wait and see.
  4. Thanks, everyone. I ran Heaven and Superposition for a couple of hours without any issue. In the end, it was F@H. The client got stuck somehow, simply killing it from task manager solved the issue. Dealing with a dead gpu now would have been ... less than ideal, to say the least.
  5. Anyone having problem on AMD cards lately? WU are failing, even on stock settings
  6. Not having enough stock for everyone doesn't mean artificially limiting stock. Retailers change the price, not manufacturers. AMD and NVIDIA want to sell as many gpus as they can.
  7. From this chart the 6800 doesn't look too shabby, might even catch the 3080 with some oc...
  8. Event is over and my 390 decided to start digivolving into a 6800. Seems fair.
  9. Exactly. When it's ready it's ready, I don't care. At least I'm sure I've paid the right price and I don't have to search multiple retailers weekly (if not daily) hoping to find some stock.
  10. Good job everyone, from the organizers to everyone who contributed! No words are worthy to describe this massacre. A simple 'F' should do
  11. In some games SAM doesn't make a difference
  12. Just grab the first one that hits stock, at a reasonable price that is.
  13. Out of stock on the last step while placing the order....
  14. For Ryzen 5000 series this is the case, every contry is keeping their stock since there's not much of it I tried to buy from Germany, Belgium, France, Netherlands and I've been always given the same answer
  15. 24th? The aib cards that you'll find on the 18th are reference designs, not worth the extra cost.