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  • Birthday Dec 22, 1999

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    Johnny #2147
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    PC enthusiast + player of games + user of Blender = awesomeness
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    I don't know what else to say I've grown up around tech and learned alot from it, gaming helped me get through my troubled childhood and move forward in my life.
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    Staples: Customer Service Representative


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    AMD Ryzen 5 1600
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    Asrock B450 Pro4
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    2x 8 GB 3000MHz = 16 GB
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    GTX 1060 3 GB
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    Be quiet! Pure Base 601
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    WD 3D nand 500GB + WD 2TB HDD
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    Corsair CX 500 80+ gold
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    1 x 144 hertz ViewSonic + 1 x 60 hertz Generic Samsung both 1080p gets the job done
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    AMD stock cooler + 2 140mm PWM fans + 2 more pre-installed in the case
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    Blackweb membrane keyboard
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    Onboard only
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    Windows 10 Pro
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  1. I often leave my PC running through out the day I'll leave the PC idle and close the monitor when I'm not using it. But recently I've noticed after turning on the monitor and signing in normally as I do that the screen goes full black with just a cursor on the screen. I've read through Microsoft's troubleshoot steps and they seem to do absolutely nothing to change anything. I have uninstalled the display driver in safe mode and windows update reinstalled it by this point I don't know what else can be done I really don't wanna reset windows again it's a real headache considering I've already do
  2. By the looks of what it says in your signature field I'd assume your kidding then.
  3. Your telling me an uninstaller programmed for a specific program started erasing your personal files? or your entire windows install?
  4. When I ask this I don't mean Uninstall wizards that are typically coded for their respected programs, but programs that are dedicated to uninstalling other programs and delete all the extra left over files left behind by said programs. I've been using "IObit Uninstaller" for years and always thought it made sense to use it I never really knew what made sense since I've spent ages learning how to use computers nearly completely independantly and thought this was my best choice for permanently uninstalling programs. I'm really not sure if it makes any sense to be using it considering the recent
  5. so wait, what if you have a motherboard with 4 dimms and you put 4 sticks on that board but the CPU/APU only supports duel channel does that mean it does the same thing but just in pairs of 2?
  6. I'm not building a PC I'm just curious of how this works? I wanna know what if this is possible, and if it does work what would the performance be like would you get better performance? or would it be slower? or would the CPU/APU not be able to boot at all cause it's not in the correct channel mode that it supports? or do all CPU/APU's support all channel modes with expected performance as you input the most ram the motherboard supports?
  7. So I've checked the cable myself and it is completely unscathed there is absolutely no damage on the cable nor is the switch at fault I know this because I connected another PC wired up to the switch and it still connected normally. It's just my PC that won't get an internet connection.
  8. We have a combo modem/router from our ISP and I've restarted that thing 3 times and I've restarted my PC 6 times after trying many things
  9. I currently have it set to obtain an IP address and DNS automatically
  10. I can no longer connect via ethernet because for some reason my pc can't get a proper IP configuration. I've tried resetting my network settings, reinstalling drivers, and even making sure I get the specific ethernet drivers for my asrock motherboard from the website. I have even disabled fast-boot, I have restarted my PC after every single thing I've listed and none of this stuff seems to fix it. Not even manually changing the IP address fixes it. Any suggestions for stuff I can do?