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  1. Well guys i think i found the solution, I remembered that i had a custom theme/patched windows 8.1 and I uninstalled that patch and theme back to normal 8 then updated.
  2. I have let it set there at the black screen for 5 hours.
  3. Like I said the other account I created works fine but i want my account back.
  4. it was a normal upgrade though windows 8.1. Program Files is fine.
  5. So i have an issue with windows 10 I see windows 10 log me into my account welcome screen then I see a black screen cursor and nothing else (sometimes i get a fraps error message could not ) and Norton pops up after awhile says its preforming background tasks Cntrl+Alt+Del click task manger does nothing. So after awhile I heard it was gpu drivers, so i tried iGPU same thing. Safe Mode would not work. So i tried Safe Mode with CMD. Then i created a windows new admin user. Updated my Gpu driver (by this time I was back on my 780ti). That user worked fine. But my other user is still a turd.