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  1. if its used then no new hells yeah send me the link lol
  2. yes. i played the witcher 3 on an fx 6300 ultra settings 43 fps on average with a 1050 ti 4gb by evga superclocked 2x4 (8gb) RAM ddr3 xpg and a 760g motherboard
  3. yeah i guessed that much lol (FML) but i have 4 bucks so cant buy a new one for now and will mx-4 thermal paste keep it from moving?
  4. so the tip of 2 of the 4 pointy parts of my cooler master hyper T2 air cooler for my CPU have a bent piece ill put up a picture when i can but i am reaally tired so anyway is it healthy for my computer to be on its side ebacsue i know thermal paste is not cement but still the cooler shouldnt move when the fan is running (loud either hopefully) but just wanted to make sure