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  1. Ok, Thanks! I didn’t think about the power bill when i originally posted, so thanks!
  2. So I don’t have a lot of money to buy a switch, but I have 4 quad RJ45 Ethernet nics, so I am wondering if I take an old PC running windows or something if i can make it into a switch? Preferably windows 7 or 10 for software, but will use anything if it is free
  3. Ok, I will fix Luke's twitter. Also, not every person's twitter was in the link, nor was the channel twitters. Floatplane wasn't either. Thanks for telling me about Luke's Twitter
  4. That would take a lot of engineering to get it small enough to where no one would see it. And yeah, don't cheat. It will only screw ya over later
  5. Yeah... Just realized I misspelled it
  6. @LinusTech Here, I decided to help you out here with this
  7. So @LinusTech posted 5 years ago all of the twiter handles of all the people working at LMG. Now, more people have been employed, and it still hasn't been updated. So I thought I would go and do it for him! Here we go (All of these are twitter BTW): @LinusTech - LinusTechTips and TechQuickie @channelsuperfun - ChannelSuperFun @TechLinkedYT - TechLinked @LinusGSebastian - Linus Sebastian @NickLMG - Nick Light @TaranVH - Taran Van Hemert @Yvonne_H_ - Yvonne Ho @edzelyago - Edzel Yago @Brandon_Y_Lee - Brandon Lee @colton_potter