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  1. I decided to buy Gigabyte AB350N-Gaming WiFi but I want to know if it has problems. I was usşng AX370 Gaming 5 and it had the problem that whenever you pull the plug, even if not working, BIOS gets corrupted. I searched an find other people having the same problem. I want to know if AB350N have problems like this.
  2. I was using my computer normally but yesterday when I tried to open it, it started to work but there was nothing in the monitor. Before this twice a month my main BIOS got corrupted. My mobo is a Gigabyte AX370 Gaming 5. I knew my mobo was problemetical but with the dual BIOS feature I could restore the main BIOS and keep going. I sent it to RMA several times and they always upgraded the BIOS and said there was no problem. But yesterday both BIOS files corrupted. Neither of them posts and they get into a loop. Is there a way that I can restore the BIOS without sending it to RMA?
  3. @Stefan Payne can you please calm down a bit? I read a review that said it had multiple 85c capacitors. The review was wrong, my bad. Sorry. Also, I didn't say Chinese can't do good stuff. I just said that the capacitors are Chinese made. If you thought that by saying this I'm saying that Chinese stuff is not good, I don't think it is my problem. However my name (which has NOTHİNG to do with Nazi's) is a bit offensive I think. It is just a name in my country. Maybe you are offended by it, I'm sorry. If I did something wrong or insulted someone I'm really really sorry.
  4. It is a very good Tier 3 in my opinion. If you look like that the Hydro G is a gorgeous Tier 2. It can beat some models in Tier 1 but is still in Tier 2 and no one complains about it. Same goes with the Masterwatt too. It should be a great Tier 3.
  5. Still there is 85c caps and it performs much worse then the others in Tier 2. My main point is that it shouldn't be in Tier 2.
  6. MasterWatt is full of 85c Chinese capacitors. It can't compete with FSP Hydro G and I don't think it is Tier 2. Why did you put it to tier 2?
  7. I just have 1 MasterFan Pro for back. Because the Noctua fans are better than Arctic I will buy them. Thanks.
  8. @WoodenMarkerI have the MasterFan Pro already and it makes more sense for me to use it in rear. So I will just buy the NF-A14's. But wouldn't the A15's be better?
  9. Asetek makes NZXT coolers. However CM produces their own and I'm pretty sure that there is no product for that. I suggest you to give CM back and buy a new one from NZXT.
  10. Too loud for me. I used them in a horizontal positiom for a while and turns out that they are sleeve bearing fans. Now they started to make some tick noise too. @WoodenMarker
  11. I have a Phanteks P400. Now I only have two stock P400 fan and one Masterfan Pro 120 Air Balance. I want to buy some new fans and I think I won't use the stock ones anymore. I have a budget 75 dollars (or 400 TL, I'm in Turkey) for 4 140 mm fans. I think 4 140 mm fans for 2 in front and two on top. First I looked to Noctua fans but then I forund the Arctic F14 PWM PST fans. In specs they are good. Not good as Noctua or other high ends but still good. Also I found one of them for only 35 TL so it will make 140 TL's for four. Which is like 30 dollars. What would you suggest? @WoodenMarker @
  12. There is a huge price and performance difference between them. I looked to Mugen 5 Rev. B's benchmarks and I'm very impressed. It even competes with the NH-U14S. I think I will spend more money and buy it. Thanks or help.
  13. I know, limits of my CPU, silicon lottery. I hope it can do the 4.0 GHz. @WoodenMarker so which one would you recommend at last? Should have the AM4 kit inside or I can get seperately.
  14. @WoodenMarker 3.8 GHz, 1.35V 85 degrees in Prime 95 with a lot of fan noise, 65 degrees in Far Cry 5 with noise but not like in the Prime95. I think if I get a good cooler like Mugen 5 I can hit 4.0 GHz, maybe more than that with mediocre fan noise. What do you think?