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    Audio. Music. Also Food.
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    Name is Tyler
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    Full-Time Business Student, Part-time Eyewear Manager


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    Intel Core i7 8770k
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    MSI Z370M Mortar mATX
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    Corsair Vengeance LP 4x8gb 3000mhz
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    GTX 1080 ti
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    Noctua NH-U12
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    HyperX Alloy FPS Pro Tenkeyless (Cherry MX Red)
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    Zowie FK2
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    Currently, LCD-X, LCD-2pf, HD650, AD900x, HD598CS, DT770, MMX300, HE-400i, HE-350, TR-X00, Cloud Flight, Corsair HS70.
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    Windows 10 Pro

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  1. The arm most likely uses a 3/8" thread and I'm pretty certain your snowball uses a 5/8" thread, you can check if you unscrew the stand it comes with. Did your snowball come with a 3/8" to 5/8" adapter? If not, you may need to purchase one. I'm talking about something like this .
  2. What headphones are they? Also, did they work with the aux cable while the battery is dead in the past
  3. Stereo polar pattern picks up audio from two directions, you're probably speaking into 1 side, which is only producing sound in the left channel. The cardioid polar pattern Is used for individual use.
  4. I haven't personally used the A20's, but It seems like the poor comfort is due to poor design and choice of materials for the headband. You mentioned that you could return them, probably best to look for other options if you don't want to do some janky modding to improve the comfort. There are many alternatives that are comfortable.
  5. I actually forgot to ask your location. I was mentioning headphones for a $200 Canadian budget. Only now realizing you mentioned the HD6xx, which are obviously more than $200 CAD. You'd have a few more closed back options in the $200 USD price range, but I still stand by my 770 pro (80ohm version) recommendation. It's difficult to really explain soundstage to someone new without comparing headphones in person, although @Kalm_Traveler1 describes it well. It gets complex, as it is subjective and lacks quantifiable graphs to actually show its performance. Let's
  6. Would you mind elaborating on your situation in regards to open-back headphones. I'm assuming you want a closed-back headphones because your environment is noisy. I personally believe games are more generally more immersive with open-back headphones, because they tend to have wider soundstages and more accurate imaging. I few good closed-back headphones you may want to consider: - Audio Technica M40X (In my opinion, these are better than the M50x's, in terms of its sound quality and signature.) - Sennheiser HD598CS (I actually own a pair of these, but am loan
  7. There are many fantastic options available, but some will suit needs better than others. 1. Do you know what type of sound signature you prefer? ie, bass-leaning soundsignature, v-shaped, mids-focused for vocals, etc. 2. What genres of music do you primarily listen to? 3. Would you prefer an open or closed back pair of headphones? ie. Open back would have no sound isolation and leak sound. Closed back will happen better isolation and less sound leakage. Most reputable open back headphones should perform quite well for gaming purposes. You only really need a de
  8. Disappeared from LTT for quite a while. Just slowly collecting tech as the months go by haha http://i.imgur.com/kiKLZqt.jpg

  9. You won't perform better solely off a key switch change, but you might be affected by change if it was to occur. For example, I'm VERY accustomed to Cherry MX Red switches and can't use any other switch nearly as comfortably. But I wouldn't say Membrane to said Mechanical switch would improve your play.
  10. The AT2020 USB doesn't have the live monitoring feature, so if you value that you should look further towards the blue yeti, or maybe even the AT2020USB+ if you can find it for a decent price.
  11. I agree, none of the keys are inherently better than others for a given task. For example, I'm better when typing on Cherry MX Reds
  12. The bass isn't even "Good" on the krakens imo . It's way too overpowering (bleeds), loose and lacking depth. Pretty much all of the headphones we'll be recommending will probably have less bass.
  13. Very comfortable, but if you have a large head they may not be.