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  1. Hey Guys, So I Got A Question On Laptop Cooling. A Picture Is Included But I Want To Open My Laptop And Repaste The Whole Thing. So My Question Is: The Laptop Has Some Kind Of Paste On The VRMs And The GPU Memory Chips.. The Videos Say To Use K5 Pro But I Have Never Heard Of It And Dont Trust Brands I Have Never Heard Of. Could I Use Thermal Grizzly Conductonaut On The VRMs Instead? Is There Any Difference Between The Type Of Thermal Paste Used? Thanks For The Help Guys! Asus GA502 Zephyrus G
  2. Hey Guys. I Am Having Some Major Issues Here With Rockstar's Games. So I Have GTAV And RDRII On PC, And Forever They Were Working Just Fine. So Suddenly I Couldn't Connect To Social Club And Have Been Using A VPN To Bypass The Problem And Continue Playing. I Could Connect To Rockstar's Website But Not The Social Club Site Or The Launcher. Well Now It's Not Even Working With A VPN, It Says "Update Required" But I Just Installed The Game On Steam. I Have Tried It On Several Computers But I Dont Know Why I Am Having So Much Trouble And Its Just With Rockstar Games. Any Advice Would Be
  3. So, I Tried A Different Server And Could Connect. I Tried Connecting To A Voice Teamspeak Test Server And It Connected. So Could My IP Be Banned By The Room Or What Else Could It Be?
  4. You're Exactly Right. I Can Use The Mobile App With My Service Provider But Not On Wifi. So You Think My Router Might Be Defective? That Seems To Be The Only Way But Even Then, If The Router Was Defective Then The Regular Net Wouldn't Work.
  5. I Can't But My Friends Can. We Have Tried But It Didnt Work.
  6. There Is, My Friends Play On It Every Day. It's Just Strange That Everyone Else Can Connect And I Can't.
  7. Hey Guys, I Have A Serious Problem And It's A Bummer Because My Stuff Wont Work. So I Can Not Use Any App Or Anything Like Teamspeak And Discord. When I Get On, It Wont Connect To Servers. I Can Use The Internet Regularly, I Tried Playing Among Us And It Connects Just Fine And Plays. I Have Updated Drivers, Windows, Bios, Intel Drivers, Fresh Install Of Windows... Literally Everything I Can Think Of. I Even Factory Reset My Router. I Don't Know What The Issue Is At This Point. Here Is A Picture Of The Issue I'm Having On Teamspeak.
  8. i5-7400 Undervolted To 18w Under Load Cooler Master Masterair G200P One SSD One Case Fan I'm Not Working With Much At All It's A Prebuilt HP Bronze PSU So Unfortunately No Upgrade Options
  9. Alrighty Guys, The Age Old Question. Playing Games At 1080p At 60hz, Which Is The Best Card To Buy To Just Destroy The FPS Counter? Is The RTX 2060 Too Much? Is The GTX 1660 Super Going To Be Enough? I Want It For Division 2. Also Keep In Mind, I Only Have A 300w Power Supply!
  10. The Fans I'm Using Are 1.8A Each.. They Are Industrial iPPC Fans And Run At 3000 Rpm.
  11. Hey, It's You Again! You're Always Nice And So Helpful
  12. Short And Sweet Question Guys: Does One Sata Port Have Enough Power From The PSU To Run 2 Noctua Industrial 3000rpm Case Fans?
  13. I Guess You Like The Sticker Idea Then?