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tesco value smurf

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  • CPU
    i3 8350k 4ghz undervolted
  • Motherboard
    aorus z370 gaming 7 + killer e2100 network card
  • RAM
    16gb g.skill 3200mhz
  • GPU
    evga dual fan SSC gtx 1050 ti
  • Case
    modded rosewill rise glow
  • Storage
    256gb vpn100 boot drive, 512gb vpn100 game drive, WD blue 3tb backup drive
  • PSU
    Seasonic prime 1000watt platinum
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    aoc 144hz
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    deepcool assassin III
  • Keyboard
    gold painted dell l30u
  • Mouse
    zelotes T-90
  • Sound
    x-fi titanium hd
  • Operating System
    windows 10 home 64 bit
  • Laptop
    lenovo thinkpad t520

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  1. what if the card was undervolted/ underclocked? i dont expect that 3rd gen i5 to keep up with a 5500xt, could i underclock and undervolt it to a wattage more acceptable to the psu? or is that not going to change much?
  2. I bought it new a couple of months ago from newegg, what kind of issues do you think my friend would have?
  3. My friend is looking to upgrade his gpu but he has a 400 watt psu when amd recommends 450 watts. Im guessing amd listed this incase some one were to pair a high power cpu with it or some other power consuming components, but after running the specs on my friends system through a psu calculator, under load i dont think the system would use over 330 watts. my friend is using a dell optiplex 3010 motherboard with a 77 watt quad core i5 3450, 8 gb ddr3 ram (2 sticks), a 120gb intel ssd (sata) and a 500gb 7200rpm hard drive, if my friend were to purchase this gpu and put it in his sytem, would the
  4. is that something you would 3d print? im afraid i dont own one of those.
  5. Do gpu (or any pcie card) storage trays exist? Something like those ram storage trays but for gpus instead of ram? Thanks
  6. That is expensive but i can tell from looking at the mounting hardware the 2 heatsinks probably wouldnt conflict with each other so it would work. Thanks for the help!
  7. Im building a dual socket server using a Supermicro x8dtl-if motherboard, i have 2 xeon e5530s (80watt TDP) and i need heatsinks for them. I have ordered a tower cooler off of newegg and it fit on it, however the mounting brackets for it would conflict with the other heatsinks mounting brackets. I need 2 heatsinks that are proven to work on this motherboard, im unsure of what supermicro recommends to be used with it and i have checked their website to no avail. Any recommendations for what heatsinks i can use? I will not use watercoolers in the server. Noise is not of much concern, i dont care
  8. Im attempting to do some port fowarding on my desktop and that couldnt work due to my router not being able to see my desktop, my desktop is hooked up to the internet and it does work as it is the machine i am using to type this right now. I tested my optiplex 760 by hooking it up to ethernet as well (in a different port). It is not seen by the router either but is perfectly capable of acessing the internet and going to websites with no issue. any idea why my rotuer isnt able to detect any ethernet devices? The wireless ones show up just fine. My router: xfinity XB3
  9. I understand. Sorry i wasnt able to read more of this, the motherboard was purchased from ebay and didnt come with one, i looked at it online a little, mostly for ram installation. Im saving up currently for a better psu. Thanks for the advice, i dont need a fire hazard lol.
  10. Does that include for only using one cpu? I have one e5530 sitting in it right now installing windows.
  11. Can you reccomend a cheap yet reliable psu that might do the job? I dont plan on using a gpu in the system if that helps.
  12. I would like to use dual cpus in my server but i dont know if my psu will support it. I would just test it but i only have one heatsink and i dont want to buy another one if it wont work. The motherboard (supermicro x8dtl-if) has 2 8 pin connectors for the cpus but my power supply (RAIDMAX RX-700AE) only has 1 8pin cable. The 2 cpus i want to use are 2 intel xeon e5530s (80 watts according to intel website). I wont be using a dedicated gpu, only the onboard graphics, the only card installed is a 2 port network card. Would my psu be able to power both cpus with only 1 8pin cable?
  13. I did that, and i found out i need to install the ram stick into the middle dimm closest to the cpu i have installed. Thanks for the suggestion!
  14. Unfortunately i dont have a manual, this is a used motherboard from ebay.