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    Kangaroo Factory got a reaction from Derkoli in Two speakers, one PC   
    I did this for about two weeks. It worked. Spent over 30 bucks on cables. The double bass improved the sound quite a bit. However, it was still just bad on top of bad, which didn't even make it OK. Did some craigslisting and got a DVD era 100w receiver, some BS22 bookshelves and a 12 inch sub for cheap. I bought some SM45s too. All in 300 bucks. Totally destroys the Logitech z906. A craigslist receiver and used speakers are the way to go. 
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    Kangaroo Factory reacted to adithyay328 in Recommendation for a headphone amp   
    Check out Schiit audio.
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    Kangaroo Factory reacted to bleedblue in gpus$$$   
    Something something shortage something something cryptominers
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    Kangaroo Factory reacted to Cyracus in Bios Update - x58 - Meltdown/Spectre   
    you have to start by downloading ryzen, probably a good idea to download some ram too https://www.downloadmoreram.com/download.html  (Old stuff could probably use it, but relies on manufacturers to care enough to put the fixes out)