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  1. look at the girl's face and the grass on the second image, honestly in the screenshots it does not look that bad. The bigger problem is that the jagged edges "move" and you can see the squared edges moving. EDIT: i used dsr 4k and it seems mostly fine but my poor rx580 cant handle that xd. So do you guys think it is the games fault? The settings it has dont say they aa method, its just labeled from 1-6. I have noticed this in other games aswell tho.
  2. Hello, i know this has been posted on various forums many times but i cant find an answer that i understand. So i got an rx580 and in most of the games i see a lot of jagged edges and most of the times the pixels actually move which is kinda horrible to look at. I just started playing Dragon quest XI and the problem is way too obvious here. Every setting that i change seems to not have any effect. I tried the highest aa setting on the game and the lowest but they both look the same. I tried various settings in the radeon software, "use application settings" "enchance application settings" "ove
  3. Hello, so i got a ck350 with brown outemu switches a month ago and some keys dont work half of the times i press them. I really like this keyboard, the aesthetics and feel are both great but the problem with the keys is too annoying to overlook. So my retailer said they would give me back the money (in their eshop that is) so that i can buy another keyboard from them. Ill add some more money on the budget and the options i have are the ck550 with brown gateron switches and the razer blackwidow chroma 2019 with razer green switches. I do want the ck550 bcs razer greens are a bit too noisy but i
  4. @Electronics Wizardy i dont have any wired devices because my dsl line is an bad spot in my house, it might just be my idea but i feel like when i left 5ghz on like one of the devices that supported it had very good connection while every other connected device had very horrible speeds. The isp is Cosmote i dont know if they're known outside of my country. As for what approved modems they have, i cant find a list anywhere other than the ones that they are selling which is this one: https://www.cosmote.gr/eshop/browse/Smarthome-Connectivity/Connectivity/Routers/-/N-5zhic4 again thanks for
  5. Hi, so recently for no apparent reason my wifi has been going crazy. Even tho my devices dont disconnect from the router they just stop having access to the internet. I talked with my isp many times but at this point im pretty sure they are not to be trusted but alas i cannot cancel my contract with them just yet. I have a 100Mbps connection, i turn 5Ghz off because most of my devices dont support it and reguraly find the channel with the less traffic to change to. Yet i still keep having these "disconnects" even when im next to the router. My modem/router is a sercomm speedport plus which has
  6. Hello, a friend of mine wants to build a pc and asked me to pick parts for him and i want some wizards here to review my choices and give their suggestions.The budget is up to 500euros and he plans to use the pc for his studies and some light gaming with games like league of legends. A specific thing he asked was to make it not use a lot of electicity which is why i chose a plus gold psu. Here are the parts: CPU: AMD Ryzen 5 3400G Box 140euros RAM: G.Skill RipjawsV 16GB DDR4-3200MHz 55euros MOBO: here im a bit lost, im between MSI B450-A Pro Max 83euros and Asrock Fatal1ty B450
  7. @KGGaming @GoldenLag Should i be worried of my gpu reaching 90-100% utilization or am i still good?
  8. i will once i have a bit of extra money, thanks for the heads up
  9. Im relieved, thanks for offering some peace of mind.
  10. Hello, i just got the "Sapphire rx580 pulse" gpu and im in agony whether my psu can take it. I have a corsair cx450m psu, ryzen 2200g cpu, and 1 8gb ddr4 ram module. All of the online psu calculators i tried say that my max load is 400w but im scared that my 450w will fail.
  11. @TofuHaroto alright i see, i think im going to get a 1650 super. Thanks a lot
  12. its a corsair cx 450M although i just want to get a better gpu than the igpu i already have at the moment even if it is going to be bottlenecked by my cpu right now
  13. Hello, i want to upgrade my pc and i currently want to buy a gpu. My budget is about 200euros and for that amount in my country i can get the "Gigabyte GeForce GTX 1660 6GB OC" or something similar.My cpu is currently ryzen 3 2200g but im going to buy a ryzen 5 pretty soon. So which card do you recommend for about that price? Also my psu is 450w and i dont know if that is going to be a problem, if it is im going to buy a new one i just want the best gpu i can get with my budget. Thanks in advance.
  14. alright i guess ill go for the rx570, but why not the armor edition?
  15. Thank you all for your replies. If i manage to squeeze in the extra 20-30euros do you guys think a gtx 1650 super is an even better choice than the rx570?