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  1. Well, in my situation it seems like my cables are not suitable for ethernet transmittion.. Signal didnt get through it. Hope it works for you!
  2. Thats pretty interesting. Didnt know that this could happen. Thanks for the response! That also gave me the idea of doing this with an ethernet to usb adapter. Would be pretty interesting to see if this could work.
  3. The cable on the photo starts on this telephone socket and ends on a telephone socket on an other room. This cable is a copper telephone cable, not utp. Its cross section is larger than a utp wire. I know that ethernet cat 5 is 4 wires, so i tried connecting my router on this socket (with a cat 5 wire) so that the pc on the other room gets ethernet connection but it seems like the signal cant get through.. Is there any way to utilize this cable in order to provide ethernet connection to the PC on the other room? I cant replace this cable with a utp cause it is build in the floor without the tu
  4. I'm about 2 versions behind. Actually I noticed that issue some time after I flashed the bios needed to support ryzen 3000. So I guess I will flash the last one and see how it goes.
  5. PC specs: B450 Gaming Pro Carbon AC Ryzen 5 3600 G.Skill RipjawsV 16GB DDR4-3200MHz Sandisk Ultra 3D 250GB PSU: Corsair tx550m When I press the power on button on my PC, I always hear the click sound (probably the relay) of the PSU. Lately though i notice some delay from the time that i press the power button until i hear the click sound. Like half a second. If I turn off my pc (take it out of power completely) press the power button like 5 times and then turn my psu on again, the delay disappears for the first boot but comes back on the second boot. Is it
  6. I'm now with a 2400g,16G of ram and a gtx 1060 3gb (which I will not upgrade for at least 4 years). I'm planing on upgrading my 2400g to a 3rd gen ryzen. I don't really play games so I don't care about that aspect. In general I would just like to upgrade my cpu and have a powerful computer for like the next 5 years or so.. I'm considering 3700x as my next cpu but I don't really know if I need such a cpu. Should I just go with a 3600? From time to time I use virtual machines, I code a lot, and I work with sql from time to time on university projects. What types of use would demand a 3700x?
  7. My connection is 120mbps upload and 120 mbps download. On my ISP modem/router, I have connected a xiaomi mi 4a gigabit (via ethernet). Speedtest results: PC connected to xiaomi router via ethernet-> Starting with 120mbps download, and at about the half part of the download test, it drops to 30mbps. Upload gets only 5mbps. Laptop connected to xiaomi router via ethernet -> Same results with 15mbps upload. Phone connected to xiaomi router via wifi (5Ghz)-> Gets full 120mbps up/down. PC connected to ISP router via ethernet-> Maxing the download spe
  8. Well, I tried that to test each stick, and everything is fine. I just cant get them to work all 4 simultaneously... The second kit works on a second computer I have without any issues... MSI support responded to this question the following: "Regarding your concern, did you buy these rams at the same time? Please clear CMOS (How to clear CMOS. Please refer to the manual) for a try, then reinstall the ram one by one. If it still cannot work, we are sorry, in theory, if you use two or more rams, to ensure system stability, memory modules must be of the same type and density which means th
  9. Just tried it, last bios flashed... Still not working when i install both kits...
  10. I would go for the 1800x. Yeah 3500 would be a better pick only for games but you will appreciate the more threads 1800x offers.. In any case you will not have any issues in gaming with 1800x, and everything else will perform better on this than on 3500. In any case it is a tough call..
  11. I have the b450 gaming pro carbon ac with bios 7B85v16 and 2 sets of 2x4GB of ram F4-2800C15D-8GVRB GSKILL. When I install the one kit at 2nd and 4th ram slot, everything is ok.. When I try adding the other kit to slots 1 and 3 (with xmp off of course and default bios settings) memory led turns on, and pc doesnt boot.. What should I do?
  12. I searched and compared it with other devices in terms of performance (benchmarks mostly) and I concluded it is a major update compared to my mi 8 lite. I will buy it. Thanks for all the responses.
  13. @huilun02 NFC is also a reason im considering the upgrade (mobile payments) Thanks for the responses guys
  14. Currently I have a mi 8 lite and I'm thinking of buying a mi 10 lite. I can find it at 280 euros. Is it much of an upgrade? Will I notice a big difference in responsiveness? How are the cameras of mi 10 lite 5g compared to mi 8 lite's?
  15. Does anyone know how could i trigger a python script on my raspberry pi via a certain phrase on google assistant? Im thinking something could be done with webhooks.. Could anyone help me with this?