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  1. Hi everyone, wondering if anyone has done this and how it went for you. I currently have an RX580 in my rig and want to use an extra gtx 970 I've got for it's cuda cores to work with tensorflow. I'm wondering if I can just install the 970 in my second pci-e slot and get drivers for it without using it for my main display. Tensorflow doesn't play well with amd cards from what I've been able to figure out so being able to just use the 970 would be a lot easier for me than forcing the amd card to work through (what I think is called) open cv. Any advice or knowledge would be apprecia
  2. ok, thanks everyone I think ill get it from here. appreciate your time and expertise.
  3. steam, it was a bunch of games, i'm not sure if there were other launchers involved
  4. Hi everyone, i had my girlfriends brother visiting for the last few weeks, he downloaded a bunch of games onto my computer inside of my windows profile but not my steam profile. i am wondering where in my c drive i can find all his crap so i can delete it it and free up my ssd. thanks for any help!
  5. Bad cpu mount, thanks a bunch TofoHaroto
  6. Ok thank you! I'll try the bat first and move deeper. I'll update this thread with results. Thanks again
  7. It is a ryzen 1700x, 16gb ddr4 3200, on a x370 killer sli/ac mobo, rx580 red devil gpu, 240mm AIO cooler, 500gb ssd and 2tb hard drive. I did not try that yet. That's the lil coin sized battery on the motherboard right? Just gotta pull that bad boy put and put it back in?
  8. Hello everyone, I just got my computer backs free two years of it being turned off and stored and I think I may have a dead graphics card. Story is that the computer was shipped over seas (it was very thoroughly bubble wraped) recently and Im trying to get it up and running after that and it having been turned off for a bit more than two years. I'm not getting any video output from the card and it seems as if everything else is working. I'm getting lights and fans and all that from the computer but no video out. I'm wondering if people think it's an issue with the graphics card or with the mot
  9. kmatt

    PIA help

    i mean i got it because they said they liked it. im just kinda new to this particular part of the pc space, dont know how to configure stuff the right way
  10. kmatt

    PIA help

    Hello! i tried installing PIA tonight and even though i am getting a green connection confirmation there is almost always no VPN IP address and i am not able to connect to any sites. I have tried reinstalling the PIA application, and also tried changing the Port as well as the Connection Type. i got on the PIA help chat and the agent had me reinstall PIA again and also try to change the ports again. occasionaly i will be able to get a connection but that has only happened twice in the few hours ive been messing around with this. I also turned off my firewall settings on both my router and wind
  11. My goof up on the GPU thing. I meant to say the 2400G, thanks for the help though everyone
  12. So I've got a boot drive from a Windows system with a ryzen 1700 as it's cpu and it was running a 580 for graphics. I'm currently looking into building a low budget computer and I want to use a ryzen 2600 as it's cpu and graphics untill I can afford to upgrade. I'm wondering if you guys see any problem with using that old boot drive without being able to get onto it and update drivers or anything like that. If I don't have to buy a new boot drive it will save me some money.
  13. Hi all! So I've had this mouse for a while, used it with a laptop before but recently upgraded to a desktop. The mouse still works great with the computer when its turned on. The problem is that when the computer is off, and if you bump the mouse, it will start with the lighting effects like it's turned on. I'm wondering if anyone has delt with this. I figured the motherboard still had power going to that particular port but I switched it to a different port and it was the same. My keyboard does not act like this. Any thoughts?
  14. So i built a computer for a buddy of mine and loaded up windows 10 so i could bench mark some games before i handed the computer over to him. well come to find out that he dosent want windows on his system but wants a clean slate to build a Linux setup off of. I figure if i format the ssd that has the windows 10 os on it using Daariks Boot and Nuke tool it should do the trick of cleaning the operating system and any games and other data that has been stored to the computer. i just have never used this tool and don't know if there will be unintended side effects like bricked motherboards or har